How have the resource changes effected you?

I’m not a pvp type but still it feels ok shooting in null or wh or pochven as nobody walks there not ready to be annihilated in an assortment of horrible and supremely painful ways. But in lowsec shooting someone somehow feels… rude.

this is hilarous but actually probably the truth. But it will be 3-day ores or 7-day ores that despawn if you don’t use them xD.

That’s basically how Null operates for basically forever.

Maybe you will need to pay the pvp types some form of ‘protection money’ (isk, ships, whatever), but it should be profitable for both sides.

IMHO, LS has a history of ‘psychos’ since it had no really unique and valuable resources to mine, which made empire building pointless.
With the new resource distribution, I can see empires being created in Low Sec, too.

Just find a pvp group and make them an offer they can’t resist.

I’ve been playing off and on since 2005, and I have never seen or hear of such an alliance. The rule for pvp corps seems to be “shoot anything that isn’t us.” And, yes, they do hate anyone who isn’t them. Witness the contempt you see on this forum for so-called “carebears.”

There is so much potential for alliances that mimic real life international relations. Too bad nobody in Eve is interested in adding a new layer of fun to their game. It’s just “Where can I go to shoot people?” That’s an actual quote from NPC corp chat.


I’m pretty sure there are industrial corporations in my alliance in null… just saying.

And even the people in the ‘PvP corporations’ in the alliance have their own industry, hauling, mining and other methods to make ISK, produce or import goods. It’s pretty hard to live in null without industrial activity.

So if you want to do industry as part of an alliance that does PvP too, that definitely is possible.

That… is literally the intended natural ecosystem of losec. Enter and engage in pve/etc with the element of being actively or potentially actively hunted, and adapting and dealing with it, like wildebeest on the Serengeti. And if it makes you feel any better, the hyenas are also being hunted, by the lions, who may in turn crash the wrong party and get gored by the elephant.

That’s exactly why can not bring myself to shoot people in LS. So uncivilized. In NS and WH they at least wanted to be horribly murdered.

I can’t imagine people wanting to be horribly murdered in null or wormhole space any more than in low sec space. Or high sec, for that matter. Just kill them all when you get the chance!

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as the term implies, in HS, they are high.
People being high are avoiding the suffering of life. It’s pity to end their suffering.


The collapse of industry was foretold to happen. Just like the industry of the first settlers and colonists who came through the gate collapsed. New Eden is now experiencing its second major collapse of everything.

Only the strong, courageous and faithful will survive the Dark Years of New Eden.

When the cryo units and cloning facilities go offline, the greatest horror of the immortal Capsuleer will be felt. An inverse of emotions from when the first Capsuleer emerged and became immortal.

One life, one death.


as someone who mostly plexed his way through eve I now see that there are way less products on the market and at higher prices.

If you mine these rocks, you’re left with a huge pile of pyerite that nobody in null sec wants and is too voluminous to export to high sec.

The developers were crafty and introduced a solution almost the same time they introduced this problem, with the Pochven region. I would suggest loading up a T1 hauler with compressed ore, taking a Pochven filament, waiting a few minutes (cloaked) then taking a proximity extraction filament. Voila! You’re in high-sec virtually risk free. You can then sell your ore and hauler at the closest trade hub, or have it courier-ed to Jita for pennies.

Soon I have to live under the bridges, only 1500 billion isk left. Everything got so expensive!

At this time it is not effecting me at all, before the changes I as in real life have a sense of keeping supplies on hand in case of the unexpected, in eve where players can effect the game, where CCP will effect the game I kept key supplies in storage, mined what I couldn’t get if things became difficult, it’s paid off big time.

I at the moment have everything I need to keep going for quite some time, once the dust settles hopefully I will simply carry on.

I have to disagree with this to an extent, not all PvP types hate everyone who aren’t them, but I listen to a lot of different groups and a lot of them do, and it’s actually hate, they aren’t killing others for fun, they are doing it in anger.

Edit: I wasn’t done, I got the send button before I was finished…

Anyhow a lot of the people I’ve met are great about PvP, but not the majority. The majority range from people who resent other people having fun to actual real life racists taking out their frustrations on people in Eve, I have screenshots of some of them going off about stuff but CCP removed the ability to report people for this crap. I’m not talking about casual racism either, I’m talking about ones who are involved in some very nasty groups who do real life damage, why these people are in Eve I don’t know and can only speculate that it’s a safe place for them to talk openly since CCP doesn’t seem to care. This last group isn’t the majority either, the ones who get off on wrecking someone else’s day are.
When I met that last group however I was new and spent a few months looking into things like Nord Fronts presence in Eve, it’s not, as news as I was able to find, huge, but it’s not tiny either. And they go after anyone they can kill in the same way the go about it in real life. They see one small person and send the largest can they can after them.

The thing is once someone, especially someone new, leaves highsec and gets killed they can have a couple of different experience, the good being that the people killing them say “good fight” and help them get a new ship, the bad, and this is what happened to me,dead having some really disgusting people screaming at me about how they want to rape my mom.
It’s that point that defines most people’s opinions of lowsec, I wasn’t deterred and eventually met all sorts of other people and made a lot of really good friends, but I don’t think I’m a typical case.

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Some of them may hate, some of them don’t.

Generalisations are bad.

Yah, read up, I hit the send button by accident and edited my post.

I think this description of yours is actually fantastic… It almost makes me want this stuff just to see where it goes.
Thanks! What a great way of looking at it!

Change is hard for most people. It was so nice in that comfort zone but now you are forced to think differently and then you are kind of pushed into doing things differently than before. Yeah… darn… It’s a bit like real life now and then.

Not really, IRL people will not accept change they just hate on others instead of adapting, I may not enjoy every change CCP does but compared to RL change it is easy enough to adapt to eve change.

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