How have the resource changes effected you?

A lot of this has been unfucked now and we should all be well set and profitable laterally. For those just arriving to the thread.

that low attention reason is amusing because it’ll end up being another excuse for killing high sec miners when they do change it so miners have to be more active. Also, I’ll be interested to see what kind of changes they have planned for orca’s.

Unfortunately, things like that happen far too often and not just in this game, but in a lot of fps games too. Thankfully meeting some amazing people along the way helps to have a better outlook than being disgusted by people like that.

In regards to the op, I took a break from the game shortly after the changes to the market were applied that increased broker fee’s where you had to for example pay 50mil to change the price on an item that cost 3bil even if you had maxed the skills and standing to that corporation.

I always felt that this game had the best industry system out of any mmo I’ve played, so I came back to eve two days ago to check on how things have progressed. I was hoping to get back into the industry side of the game again and started off some builds after restocking on the materials I needed beforehand. Mineral prices were bad compared to the values I had stored previously from November 2019, with pyerite jumping from 4.71 isk per unit up to 27, mexallon from 79.40 isk per unit up to 184 and the biggest change was on nocxium going from 347 isk per unit up to 2077 per unit. Admittedly, I was shocked and still am by the changes in price.

Since then, I’ve run around several systems looking at the belts or should I say the lack of them, including a system I used to mine in previously which used to have the ABC ores situated in high sec. I admit that I’m not an avid fan of mining, but I do like to do it sometimes so it was a surprise to see that change. I was actually expecting something like that to happen eventually, because of the divide between high, low and null sec ores, whereas the ABC ores previously were always null sec ore alongside mercoxit and due to this, I have always felt that is where they belong including any space that shares the same aspects of null sec.

There are some systems that still do have belts but they are being shared with npc miners too and not to mention visited by those who love ganking miners.

Also, it’s been a while since I’ve been to null sec, don’t you guys still get hauler spawns out there that love dropping a load of minerals?

I’ve only met a few bad ones, the rest are either fantastic or at least interesting and that, I think, says a lot about Eve and the people who play it.

Some of the character names I have seen… I wonder why CCP allows them to keep going without deletion.

Some I’ve seen are horrible, others utterly hilarious, and some are so far over the edge I’m stunned when I see how long they have been playing.
The only thing I can think of in some cases is that there are simply to many creative ways of getting away with it,sand there are enough of them that it would take a very very long time, and a huge amount of work to actually do something about it.
The first corporation I was in had one bad guy, his name didn’t mean much to me but the ideas he was pushing did. I sent it off to CCP, screenshots, the links he was giving people and so on, but nearly two years later he’s still around and has been playing since the begining of Eve. I don’t know how long he’s been pushing the stuff he pushes because I only met him a while ago. Still, that was almost two years that I know of for him to be doing this stuff.
Personally it takes a hell of a lot to get me to want someone else to silence a person, but this was that sort of thing.

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Scarcity has kept me moving from system to system every once in a while, but it really hasn’t held me back at all. That’s partly because my corp has buyback, so I know that whatever I harvest, I can sell at a good enough price to keep me going.

Mining is fun, and while it’s nice to be able to set up in a system and live off it forever and ever amen, that also gets kind of boring. Every once in a while, I find a new system with resources I didn’t know were so close before.

I’ve been playing since 2006. I run three accounts.

The direction that EVE is taking, more and more, is tending to become a bit problematic for me. It’s starting to look as if the game designers are creating an environment where eventually the only viable choices people have are to either join large corporations in Null, start ganking the helpless in High or become part of the roving small PvP gangs that exist everywhere. It’s NOT a game for the lone player any longer.

This is fine for people looking for that kind of thing.

I’ve tried a number of these kinds of things, it just didn’t really interest me all that much; I play the game to relax, not to endure endless drama and psychos - if I wanted that it’d be too much like my work ( law enforcement.)

Over the years I found I tended to work on my own, developing my skill sets, mining, building, tinkering in High - it relaxed me, I made bit of profit and it was interesting. No more big corporation drama, nobody to demand I do this, or that, no need to tear anyone or anything down (a nice change from the real world, believe me.)

In the last few years, under the guise of improving the game for everyone, CCP has dicked around with the non-PvP inclined player to a huge extent. They claim they want to improve the economy, they claim they want to adjust resource allocation, they claim that they want to encourage people to move to Low.

All of the changes, from my viewpoint, have largely been on the backs of the small group/solo players that tend not to want to spend all day pew-pewing. They’ve reduced the pleasure I take in playing, reduced the choices of things I can do (that I would want to do) and hurt my ability to make a small but adequate living in the game. It’s also hugely increased the amount of clicky-clicky to get by from day to day.

I’m not angry, just disappointed, I’m not about to quit in the next six months.

CCP are always saying that almost anything can happen in EVE - why, then, are they working so hard to reduce the playing options for anyone but their big corporation members? I don’t mind those guys at all, more power to them, but why does CCP have to try to make my chosen game into something that they (CCP) think I should be playing?

Just my thoughts. (I usually don’t even bother to post on the forums because of their extreme toxicity.)


I empathize a lot with your position. I would prefer to play solo, though I like my corp. When we were in lowsec, we did twice-weekly mining ops. Now that we’re in null, that’s not really an option.

For those of us who would rather avoid PvP, there do seem a limited number of options compared to PvP. I guess CCP (and an increasing number of players) see EVE as a combat game, where I’ve always seen it more as an industry game with the potential for combat.

I wish there were more of us solo-minded players. I have plans to have my own corp one day, and to focus intently on the industry side, but by then EVE might have gone full tilt into PvP more than it already is.

If not, I’d like to find players like yourself and a rural, vacant system far away from the beaten PvP path, if it still exists.


TL/DR The scarcity has made things more expensive and more irritating than before. Hopefully things will level out and either go back to the way things were or at least stabilize for everyone.

I’ve never done much in Low or Null-sec. I’ve been in both, but I don’t spend hours in those zones. I am a high sec miner and industrialist. This part of the game interests me more that anything else. I do enjoy mission running and that satisfies my desire for pew pew when that particular itch starts, well, itching.

I run my own corp with three other like minded folk. We will go into a belt with an orca and some barges/exhumers and take everything. We are mostly self-sufficient where we can be. We buy what we need from the marketplace when we can’t be self-sufficient.

The changes have not been great for us. These changes appear, from our point of view, to be a way to make things more interesting/expensive for the big alliances out in Null or where ever. The side effect though, is the Little Guys, folk like me, are getting a bit of a stomping, too.

For us, stuff is more expensive and I can’t turn out battleships as much as I could before since they added all the new components for them, which I understand needed to be done from a “technology improves” viewpoint, but I hope after a while, these new components become cheaper to get. So, for now, no more battleships being built by us. Maybe in the future.

Now, if this is a set up for a future expansion where the jumpgates stop working or whole areas of space get cut off from the rest of the cluster, then I can see these changes being the precursor to that event. A New Eden Dark Age, if you will. That might actually be fun to isolate the player base for a time and stop them from moving around for a few weeks.

This is just an idea and I doubt they’d do it. If I were to do it, resources scarcity would be the first thing I’d do. The next would be to shut down one or two regional marketplaces. All orders cancelled. Contracts too, as the long range communications relays failed. Shut down that annoying hypernet, as well.

Then cutoff the major trade hubs from the surrounding systems: Jita goes dark. Then Dodixie. Then the rest of the hubs.

Anyway, that went longer than I intended it to. Sorry. Just ignore all that. :smiley:

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I have watched this thread for awhile and finally decided to reply to it.

The resource changes and indy changes have effectively pushed me out of game.

I started the game back in 2017. I have not seen one thing in 4 that was buffed that CCP did turn around and nerf into the ground!

All I have seen is CCP increase the risk of everything in game while removing or nerfing the rewards of everything. The risk vs reward is so screwed up that nothing is worth doing because you can not replace the ships in a reasonable amount of time.

I was a coalition level indy director. I ran multiple moon stations for my coalition. I organized and ran coalition level mining fleets. I ran a coalition level ore buy back program and had 400+ players pointed at monthly goals. CCP killed all of that!

So how did the resource change effect? I saw 350+ paying customers leave the game. I saw my coalition collapse. I saw my friends leave the game in mass. I saw my isk and enjoyment of eve crash and burn. I have no faith in CCP to fix anything or make any good judgement calls at all. Right now I am just observing the game and CCP as a company.


Just like alot of us are… I am in a small corp but i don’t know where most of the members went, I know some are in TNT fighting along side the group I actually dislike intensely but that is their choice. I enjoy mining to relax, even during the Triglavian attacks on the belts I was helping newer, less well equiped players by dealing with those as best i could and even replaced a few of the newer peoples ships if I had the isk to spare. I have never really had alot of isk except the one time I saved for MONTHS to buy something I wanted, my freighter which i use to haul my minerals back ‘home’ from the places I mine them… I do not go into lowsec but was considering it until the last set of changes made the ships I was making got fubar (battleships). I was even planning on trying to make a Widow or two for myself if I could figure out how to for a Black Ops roam… now NON of that will happen, I couldn’t make enough isk in a month to replace my mining barge if it’d gotten destroyed so now I don’t even log in and the two accounts (one was created recently for the purpose of PvP use on occasion) have both been suspended into Alpha mode.


I should really edit the hell out of that post, but I won’t, I said it and I’m wrong.
I was generalizing like crazy, in a foul mood apparently, and the fact is most PvP’ers don’t do it out of hate, they do it for fun and that’s the point of this game.
I don’t know what’s been up with me lately but I’ve been posting crap like that a lot and when I wind up seeing it later I’m shocked at my self.
There are some baddies in Eve, but they are far from the majority.

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Everyone has a rough day. Don’t beat yourself up over it. You got this.

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I tried to go out to null again and it was just sad from an industry standpoint. It’s clearly had an effect on the game as a whole much bigger than expected I bet. The PCU count definitely shows it. While I appreciate what they are trying to do, it should have been done years ago and at a slower pace. This sudden jolt was a bit rough.

My hope resources eventually level out and people come back….but if people don’t log in they can’t use/lose stuff. Morphite prices are a good sign though.

I was hoping to see more in low sec but in my area it’s just as dead as ever. CCP and a lot of players need to realize that this game doesn’t exist without pve/miners/industry players. Trying to force them into conflict is just going to make them quit and we’ll have a shell of a game left.


I’ll be glad when scarcity ends. At present, as a miner, I can pull in less than a million ISK per hour with what I’m skilled for. Part of me hates that, but another part of me appreciates the difficulty it presents.

Overall, though, I’m not a fan of the kick to the knee industry and mining have taken. I think there were probably better ways to handle a surplus of resources in-game without the heavy-handed approach they’ve taken.

Still, there’s a scrappy, underdog charm to being a miner, and I’ve been trying to summon my Gallentean resolve to see it through. If you’re going through Hell, keep going, as Churchill said.

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Yeah null mining is completely ■■■■■■ right now. Yeah let’s risk a 300mil ISK ship mine ore that’s roughly equal in value to Veldspar the most common ore in the game. Hopefully when they redo the ore and resource distribution they actually use thier heads and it matches to risk level involved for the space it is in.

If the risk is too high for the reward in null sec, why not use a Barge instead of Exhumer? The game has given you the tools to choose your own risk/reward ratio. You’re not forced to use a 300 million ISK ship to mine.

Point is the mineral distribution is completely messed up. For example Pyroxeres use to be the best ore to mine in high sec. It’s space junk thanks to Scarcity. Each of the ABC use to roughly the same ISK per hour, but thanks to Arkonor and Bistot be over abundant they have lost a lot of value. Crockiite is still worth it because there’s only one asteroid per site they spawn.

To an eccentric miner like me, I’ve had a great amount of fun/hour having my choice of empty nullsec system to mine all the Arkonor/Bistot to my hearts content. Sure by ISK/hour metrics it is low now, but only if I’m valuing the ore at net present worth and selling it off right this moment, which I’m not. So prices fluctuate, and mineral demands change, so whenever I do liquidate it, maybe in hindsight it will have also been worth it by the ISK/hour bar, too.