Question from a wormhole nooby

If wormholes are more dangerous because of no local how come null sec has better moons to mine than wormholes? Doesn’t make any sense from a risk/reward perspective.

Wormholes have other rewards, like everything related to T3. The idea is to spread rewards around space so each space has a reason to be inhabited and no space is truly independent.
T2 from low/null, T3 from WH, lots of common stuff from HS.

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Thanks that makes a lot of sense, maybe the moons in wormholes can pull out chunks of asteroids that when detonated form gas clouds to help make t3’s as an idea thou so that its worth doing moon mining there as currently it overlaps with highsec.

They are going to add moon mins in hisec and Wormhole soon. Its just not going to be as good as nullsec.

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Actually, it has been implemented already for a few weeks now. And indeed, the moons in wormholes and HS are not as good as LS/NS. I do not know if there is a difference between WH and HS though, and sure, they overlap a bit with the LS/NS ones (in that they also contain T2 stuff, not T3), but they have a lot less than NS moons, and more “normal” T1 ores instead.

O that’s not the same, it has normal ores but higher quality it doesn’t have any moon goo thou, its very different, the difference is 30mil/hour compared to 300mil/hour (R64) its pretty big.

I’m not sure what you are trying to say…

HS moons do have either low quality moongoo or NS ores, not only HS ores, so they definitely do overlap with NS moons (and belts). What I meant above is that I do not know if the moons in WH have the same distribution of ores and moongoo as the ones in HS, or slightly better ones (but still worse than LS/NS)

O that’s interesting I didn’t realize high sec had any moon goo ore very interesting indeed, thanks.

I want to point out that the WH having the same moons as HS isn’t as bad as it seems

for one you can now far more reliably source ore from your wh for manufacturing (safer too) and the fact that your refineries are bonused at NS levels does make them worth more than HS.

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True and I guess wormholes have data/relic sites from null sec so its 100% possible to produce t2 as well.

… what do data/relic sites have to do with t2?

Invention and the construction of t2 rig’s, meaning they don’t have to go to high sec to get anything other than a blue print original. This is assuming ofc that all moon goo types are accessible from worm hole moons even thou it is more sparce than null.

Mining in wormholes isnt really why people live there in the first place (or wasn’t until the moon patch). Most wormhole isk comes from running the combat anomalies and gas sites in higher class space, or PI/mining/anomalies in lower class space.

I don’t think many people that would live in jspace moved here solely for moon mining.

Also, its very easy to secure a wormhole so that its extremely difficult to get in with mass limits/critting connections/rolling etc. Somewhat safer in a c1-4 as no c5 group will just rage roll into you probably. So a stupid amount of isk in moons would be kinda unfair, if good groups just sat in their hole all day mining and you really wouldnt ever find them to be able to stop them

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