Athanors in WH's?

Are athanors in WH’s worth it? Or do people just put them in HS since the moon goo is the same (assuming they don’t want to go to NS)?

W-space has the same moon ores and standard ores as high sec. Benefits over high sec is that you can use Rorquals on the moons and you can completely close all access points to your system.

Wormhole systems have Highsec quality moon goo ore, yes, but they have Nullsec quality regular ore (meaning ABC stuff).

Wormhole mining operations can also be blinded for mining operations, reducing potential risks (though not eliminating the risk completely).

My alliance maintains multiple Athanors in our core industrial wormhole system to ensure round the clock and calendar ore availability.

In the grand scheme of things, if you have a stable place in Null to mine that’s better ISK/hour because normal belts refresh and don’t require Athanor drill lasers to be fueled, but properly managed, wormhole regular ore mining is safer than what you can even get in Null (granted, you also have to deal with more challenging logistics, but that’s what alliance buyback is for).

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Yeah but any real hunters are gonna warp to anoms almost immediately anyway no matter what does or does not show on d-scan.

I think there’s a nomenclature confusion here; blinding in this context means closing a system by rolling out all connections and not initiating warp to any new static so there are no entrances into the system.

The only risks at that point to a mining operation are:
(1) A new wandering connection appears and people are sloppy and don’t notice.
(2) Someone was already safe-logged in system and logs in.

Done properly, a fully blinded system is the safest place in EVE, even over Highsec.

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Until you wake up one day to find your POS under Seige :slight_smile:
Havn’t been back to WH space since. I just happened to get lucky a 1-jump low spawned and I could get everything of mine out in a freighter and chimera. Went in with too small a group but WH space was much better than null.

Reprocessing yield is max’d null and wh. That is another benefit. Sorry if that was mentioned already.

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