The moons of Anoikis

Oï !

Alright, I’m creating this topic because of a discussion I had here concerning mining in wormholes.

Currently, there are two ways for lone players or corporations to mine in Anoikis : either find an anomaly (which can be rewarding, c.f. the one million m3 Gneiss rock) or blow up the side of a moon and extract the chunk created like that.

Let’s be honest : the most effective way is the second, since you cannot improve the spawn chances of mining anomalies in wormhole space, and Athanors/Tataras are locked at the same spot (and if upgraded with modules, they can offer reprocessing and some long range defense).

However, here is the problem. For as much as wormhole space is one of the most dangerous, with notably the lack of Local preventing you to see incoming capsuleer threats, we get the same moons as 0.5 highsec systems. This is quite degrading, concerning all the hassle one have to go through to protect a structure in wormhole space (no asset safety, remember ?), plus sometimes you just have too many incoming connections to safely mine.

As such, I am proposing the following thing : it would be good to see higher rarity of moon ore than Ubiquitous. As I said in the link above, the rarity obtainable in the moons could scale up with the Class of the wormhole. As such, it could give something like this :

  • C1 to C2 : Ubiquitous and Common ores.
  • C3, C4 and C5 : Uncommon and Rare ores.
  • C6 only : Exceptional ores.

As such, there is this argument raging between wormholers as to which space is better between C5 and C6. C5 combat sites can generally be done by a lone dreadnought, where C6 sites are largely more complicated while being only marginally more rewarding. This would give a little plus to C6 wormholes.

Now, I know one of the main argument against this idea is the fact that wormhole space would become the only place in the game where Tech I, Tech II and Tech III manufacturing can be conducted. But, getting anything out of a wormhole has its risks, and if you ever decide to put up a market there, you’re just making you a bigger target for eviction groups since they can already have a first taste of what will drop from your destroyed structures just by looking up the market.

So, what do you think about it ? And please : be constructive in your answers.

Also, I will add a little argument : since the only efficient way to mine in Anoikis is through the use of Athanors or Tataras, this mean that a solo individual or a corporation have to consider the fuel cost it will add them. The only ice sources available in wormhole space are located in Shattered wormholes, which mean no alliance can really set up in those, encouraging the imporation of ice products from known space.

This mean that someone either have to really on ninja nullsec ice mining or shattered wormhole ice mining (which both are obviously dangerous - but rewarding), or import ice product from highsec and combine that with whatever PI they can do inside their hole. This prevent structure spam from smaller entities.


I can’t but agree.


Thanks !

If somebody want to say something about this idea, speak up so I can improve it :slight_smile:

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