Mining Anoms in WH Space

As an avid Worm hole resident the general exodus from worm hole space has been very apparent. This may be attributable to escalation changes in the past or simply less people playing eve. I cannot remember the last time I saw someone mining in WH space. I think changing Ore belts to become scannable anoms like gas sites might be one small step in encouraging more mining/industry folks to come back to wormholes. Selfishly that means more targets.

A further step that might create more activity would be making all WH combat sites scanable as well. Just pondering.

been asking for this since the mining sigs became anoms

now i think i would rather them replace WH anom mining with WH moon mining. leave the anoms but let us pull up 5-10% ores from moons as well.

People would whine solely because things like the anomalies make it easy to kill baby seals, be it pve BS or ventures. throwing some in the mix would make better sense, since on occasion you can go without having to clench your butthole whenever your out in the open.

this is exactly why everyone in wh from hunter to miner have asked them to be moved to sigs

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