No ore in system

Switch over to the Ore Anomalies. Since these are now visible within the Agency. NPC miners (currently) do not access these. Plenty of player miners ignore them as well. They can be a bit random. But since you are moving around anyway, you should be fine.

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Well I decided to stop tooling around lowsec and jump to an alt in highsec. No ore where I set up shop so if not there then go somewhere else.

Now I have learned through experience that the NPC guards attack you if you shoot at a regular rat.

Not an NPC hauler. Not an NPC guard. Just a plain Jane everyday rat in a belt.

Those NPC guards have scrams and high dps. A miner has no hope.

Not everyone in game wants to do nothing but PVP. I occasionally do a bit of that, but I mainly just like to sit in a belt and mine. Zen out and put the real world on hold for a while.

There has always been a complaint regarding CCP and miners. Especially high sec miners.

Looks like there might be a bit of truth to it. Why CCP chose to implement this new mechanic is beyond me.

Will new bros do much more than mine? Its how I started. Its how allot started.

Now it looks like you shoot a rat. Any rat and you have to deal with the special rats. And you can’t.

That is so crappy to me. Five years of subs and training before injectors were a thing and the new bunch at CCP ruined it for me.

If they want to put in NPC miners fine. It is their game after all.

But at least let the little guy have some wiggle room. Now you have NPC CODE to deal with, and you can’t.

Bumpers and CODE are bad enough, but I get it. Just keep an eye out. Now it seems to be impossible to mine anywhere.

If it comes to this I have to leave for a while. Maybe when their revenue dries up they will learn. Or maybe it will not dry up. Maybe there will always be a sucker to join up for a while. I can see part of their long term base simply leaving. I hate to throw away all that time and money invested in the game, but they killed my play style.

I will keep an eye on the forums and see if they reverse this stupid decision, till then why play?

And no none of you can have any of my stuff.


Come on out to Null Sec we have plenty of ore out here for you to mine. Feel free to message me in game if you want to make the jump to Null.

Thanks for the invite but honestly I kind of like rolling solo. I like the idea of not having to show up and do any sort of planned operation. I already tried that.

I hate to sound anti social but it is how I am. I really do enjoy just sitting there and letting the ship do its thing while watching Youtube and keeping an eye on local. I even like the challenge of lowsec. Keeps me on my toes.

Now I realize that most people get over mining real quick. I do not always do it, and I find myself logging in less and less nowdays. I do hope that CCP changes this over the top stupidity, but something tells me they won’t.

Anyway thanks once again, and I hope you continue to enjoy the game.


you can go in NS and mine there.

Yeah I know that. I already have an alt in Syndicate. That is now the point. They point I am trying to make is that CCP has really screwed the pooch on this. New bros and older players alike are going to have to now go somewhere else. And not everyone wants to. Besides the whole new rat thing happened today. It never happened before. And I have been doing this for a while.

CCP has tried to direct more people into low with their choices. It is not like that is not a known thing.

I really question CCP’s intentions with this one. Why in the world would they go and do a thing like this, when new players sure as hell are not equipped to deal with null.

Besides, will this now happen in null also? How bout low sec.

If not then this is a poke in the eye to all new players and a throat punch to loyal older subs.


Is it really the game’s (or CCP’s) fault if you’re not paying attention to the new expansions and events that are happening?

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Get over yourself. So I lost a ship, big deal. How bout its a dumbazz idea? No one cares for trolls. I have read some of your stuff and it is usually trolling.

Now go and harvest my tasty tears. That is all you wanted so drink up buddy.

Regardless its dumb. It makes no sense and it will hurt the environment.

New players who are ill equipped to stick around null or lowsec will simply give up and walk away.
They will not subscribe and as far as I know that is how economics work.

You provide a service someone wants, and they pay for it.

So why would a new player ( or an older one) continue to pay for a service that rendered their play style obsolete?

But do troll away. Laugh. Its still stupid.


That’s… fine? I’m not sure what the point you’re trying to make here is.
EVE is a hard game. It’s not supposed to be fore everyone. It’s too difficult for some people and that’s okay.

But it doesn’t seem like they want it, judging from all of the crying and whining. So… why stick around paying for it then?

They shouldn’t. I agree with you.
If you’re this player, maybe you should take your own advice and just… stop paying?

Iono, solution seems pretty clear to me.

Well yeah. But it will not be “just me”. You like EVE? You must being that you are on here.
If I have to hold your hand and walk you through the reason this is a dumb idea then by all means hold tight to it and let me try.

Allot of the so called “elites” have your attitude. I get it. Your one of the cool kids.

And that usually results in a closed mind, but here goes.

You do have large alliances that mine in null sec. Null sec ore is far better than high sec ore. You also have much more of the other things needed to produce tech two modules an such.

That is true, however a very large part of the game is high sec. I get it, Here is the part were you go “but high sec is a waste of time blah blah blah”. Whatever.

I really do wonder if you recognize just how much highsec contributes to this game.

For starters everyone begins in highsec. Maybe not you. But on average most do.

And one of the biggest things to do is mine in highsec. I find missions a tedious thing. Many new players do this for a while but then they to find missions tedious and move into other fields.

Now indie and mining in highsec is huge. Is the ore as good? No.

Is it more accessible to everyone? Yeah. Do allot of the things on market come from ore mined in highsec? Yes.

Will this move by CCP probably discourage newer players form sticking around? Yes.

CODE can be a problem, but CODE can be worked around. Besides I like to troll CODE.

You cannot work around the newest rat mechanic. So I suspect that this is a poke in the eye from CCP in an attempt to get more players out of high sec.

CCP has done it before, but in my humble opinion they are throwing the baby out with the bath water.

As far as me whining? Get lost. I pay so I will whine if I want to.

And yeah I think I will take a break for a while. Now is the part where you go good. Take a break. We do not need you.

But you do need me. Me and everyone else like me to continue to sub so that you can continue to play.

Unless of course your really not that serious about it, and just log into the forums to troll away.

But hey, if that goes then you will not even have that to do.

I think you missed your stop. Start hiking back to it.


God, I hope it won’t be just you.

I am done with you. No more. But who will pay the bills? Who will keep the lights on?

Anyway your typical of EVE. Never not troll. I wonder if there is an ignore button I can hit just for you.

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OH yeah and that is twice now that you replied so quickly. You must live for it.

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I mean, if you leave, I’ll subscribe another alt to make up for it.


Drive the NPCs out! It’s not hard at all and they drop good loot…

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in your options


I used to have a few accounts I would play with while mining, hauling boosting.
now the game got so bad on the mining side of things. that my last account I had active is now on alpha status and its sad since I been around since beta pretty much. Yes I done the low sec null and cap, mining ship.
all in all mining sucks now. and missions well after being around for so long they got boring and pvp well that thats never been my type of play style.
Most times I just want to log in do my mining for my builds and not deal with any one.

i played eve when the hulk was a real ship you. were you could sit in 0.0 and kill BS rats while you mine in a hulk.


Would you be able to point to a specific change which made mining get this bad?

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Hey lowersec miners are less carebear than 3/4 of null players tbh

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He can’t cause mining itself didn’t change much - the only change was npc miners forcing use of moons for mining but it is essentially exactly the same as it was for last couple of years (at least since 2015)