No ore in system

You’re so full of poot.

And if they made the NPC ratters the equivalent of the miners, they’d basically be sleepers with tacklers who’d just trash you anyway.

Right now NPC miners consume as much as ~12 boosted minining Players.


Miners calm down! You’ll just have to adapt to changes made by CCP like the rest of us.

The NPC Mining fleets have stripped all the belts in Oichiya. I’ve only just returned to Eve after a long break and wasn’t expecting for the game to have been changed to stop players mining effectively. The NPC’s seem to come in massive fleets, yesterday there was no less that 8 ships all NPC stripping the belts. Is it supposed to be like this?


Get in a frigate, warp to the belt and shoot a NPC miner then warp to nearest moon/planet. D-scan belt and wait for the fleet to warp away…return to mining.

Or learn to hunt NPC haulers which can be profitable and can be done as an Alpha…I suggest a Praxis…

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Yes you can chase away the NPC miners but they come back after 15-20 minutes and you have to wait for the defence fleet to leave before you can mine again. That cuts down a miners production by 35% or more. It also does not stop the NPC miners from mining all day before late TZ get a chance to play for the day.

CCP defecated all over High Sec miners with the NPC miners and they don’t care!

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…and you wonder why HS miners are loathed.

Kill the hauler and the NPC will be gone until reset if not longer…

The haulers also drop loot boxes worth 40m each.

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Yep…not sure in HS but one Alpha can earn more attacking these ships (properly) than mining…

Yeah, don’t bother with asteroid belts, do your mining in the Exploration Ore Anomalies, those don’t have NPC Mining Fleets. Every once in a while the only rats you’ll encounter are a couple of Frigates.

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