Getting plex as alpha, question

Hi, I’ve seen lot of YouTube videos lately.

Is it possible to plex my account being alpha nowadays?

I remember you could plex you account very easy.


Yes. It’s very easy if you know what you are doing. Especially now when PLEX is at very low price

Yeah, if you are already skilled and experienced and have some spare time…

Yes, it is possible to plex your account as an alpha, but it’s not necessarily the best choice.

Reasons to Plex

  • Unfavorable exchange rate/Financial Circumstances make paying RL money cost prohibitive
  • You play a lot, so the time spent grinding doesn’t dramatically eat into the time spent doing more fun stuff.
  • You don’t mind grinding, and are less likely to get burnt out.
  • You can make enough money to keep your grinding to a minimum (I’d recommend around 100mil an hour).

Reasons to Get a Sub

  • No issue paying RL money
  • You don’t get a lot of play time, and don’t want to spend what time you do get grinding
  • You hate PvE
  • You have a low isk efficiency that will necessitate a lot of grinding.

Automatic PvE
TLDR: If you like playing games while you watch TV, you might consider making at least one of your PvE activities be something that can be turned into an automatic task (i.e. ratting).

Automatic tasks are activities that, with enough practice, can be done without focusing our conscious minds on them. For example, you had to devote all of your attention to driving when you first started learning, but can now safely drive regular routes (i.e. home to work) while your conscious mind is focused elsewhere (known as highway hypnosis). And it’s only when something demands your attention (i.e. you just got cut off, or are lost) that you switch your focus to the road.

I bring this up because many PvE activities in Eve can also become automatic tasks with practice -which is really nice if you’re the type of person that likes playing games while you watch Youtube or whatnot. I mean, I would be playing something if I was watching TV anyway (i.e. looter shooters). So, it’s nice that I can do isk grinding in Eve as well. As long as I’m not going overboard with it, it turns the grind from a chore into something that satiates my need to do something while I watch TV. Long story short, if you like playing games while you watch TV, you might consider making at least one of your PvE activities be something that can be turned into an automatic task (ratting would probably be the best example, but more complex activities can also be turned into automatic tasks with enough practice.)


Exactly what @Shipwreck_Jones said (well thought out summary, by the way). It just comes down to time commitment.

Are you cash rich and time poor; or time rich and cash poor?

Yes. If you treat EVE as a second job, and you work hard, then yes. You can plex.

But this is a game. Not a job. I play for fun. Not because I have a quota to fill for my boss.

All depends on your chosen play style, some pay very well even in high sec but those are generally the ones that take quite a bit of figuring out, learning and optimising. And if you find one of those options and you actually enjoy doing it then it can work just fine.

If you have to slough for “minimum wage” ingame and grind for days and days and days then perhaps not a good idea. Most non-effort play styles in EVE are REALLY boring and it’s just going to be horrible if you do those.

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It is possible, but I don’t recommend doing it.

Why would you spend a lot of time grinding in what’s supposed to be a game each month only to be allowed to grind again the next month?

Why everyone call it grind? Maybe someone is enjoying said activity?

T3 abyss gila is around 60 mil/h. You will afford omega and have some spare isk just by running few filaments per day and not even counting rare drops.

Exploration is also good activity for alpha and pays well.

You can do trading as semi passive income. It’s not hard to earn 1 bil in one month by just station trading in trade hubs with one account and 3 characters.

Hisec combat exploration pays well.

Faction Warfare

Gather few friends and there will be even more options available.

I missed many other alternatives. You have enough activities to do what you enjoy while making isk.
But most important this is, that you don’t need omega to have fun. Earning plex shouldn’t be your main and only goal.

I must be doing something wrong then. Alpha limitations on Trading Skills is pretty near crippling in my experience. Market experiments I’ve done leave me in the red 9 out of 10. How do three Market Alphas make a billion in a month?

Then youre doing it wrong. What sort of Experiments have you conducted?

Start with say an even 10-20 Mil in my wallet, station trade a few popular items, try to stay on top of the buy/sell and the end result is less than I started with, when the dealin’s done. Sure I could set a buy or sell order and let it sit for 90 days and likely with market fluctuations at some point I’ll end up at the top of the pile but that doesn’t bring home the bacon anywhere near fast enough.
I’m not complaining about the Alpha restrictions mind you – I’d just seriously like to know how three Station Trade Alphas can bring in a billion-plus in a month. Maybe jumpstart by using Plex to dump several billion into my wallet and start trading the really high-end items?

Theres your problem. Constantly changing prices will only lead to loss of ISK.

Markets are slow, just like in real life. If youve ever invested in mutual funds and stocks, you will know that people leave them in for years.

The same goes for eve. You have to look at it from the long run, you cant just sit there and expect to make a profit in an hour or two.

You have to be willing to wait atleast a week, two weeks.

I dont think Lis Torin is saying that a new alpha can make a billion isk through station trading alone in their first month. It takes seed money and knowledge and luck to be able to make a billion isk.

And I still think it’s much easier to stay Omega than to become Omega. So if a player doesn’t want to pay at least 1-3 months to build up skills (which are partially restricted btw), he does it the hard way.

It was much easier and funnier

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