for a relatively low skilled player is it actually possible to plex your account these days? if so, what are the (best) things to consider

I am sure if i spend every waking moment on eve it is possible but I am thinking more…
6 to 10 hours a week
in high sec
varied activities (not just a consistent grind on missions for example)

Yes, it is possible. Use skill extractors and farm the remaining few hundreds millions isk in whatever way you like, i would suggest incursions.

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6-10 hours / week.
newbie / alpha skills

Pick one of those.

See, High-sec is crowded and is the minimum-reward area. You’re looking at 40-60 hours if you want to accumulate high-sec rewards to achieve 1.6 billion ISK in one month.

6-10 hours / week is possible, but only if you have access to the kinds of ships that are required to survive in 0.0 or high-difficulty wormholes and do the TOUGH high-end complexes.

Alpha skills limit what ships you can fly, and basically you can’t specialize enough, really, to achieve the ISK/hr that’s required. Alpha skills also limit your industry and your market trading, severely.

So, as the other post above suggested, the only real ways are to somehow involve RL cash. You can use 3-5 “skill farm” accounts to generate enough skillpoints to pay for those accounts and 1 more (your main, player account), but that requires a bit of subscription or PLEX paid to set everything up with the first 5 million skillpoints.

Or you can just straight up pay for a single subscription using whatever discounts CCP offers, or pay approx 2.5 that cost to buy PLEX to get your account going.

Or, of course, you can “get lucky” and scam 5000 PLEX’es off someone, or 50 trillion ISK, or steal all their corp assets worth trillions. If you get lucky.


No. It’s now essentially a full-time job even for highly skilled players just to keep one account alive, and that’s with 3-5 hours a day minimum. Wormhole farming would be possible if you could find a C5/6 group willing to take a low-skill player but you have better odds at finding a Revenant BPC loot drop than getting into one of those.

Incursions can work for you but it’s a time commitment just getting into an incursion fleet and then even moreso of a time-sink if you want to PLEX. ~30 Million per site. 2 sites per hour, MAYBE 3. Even 3 sites per hour, which is possible for uber blingy fleets you’re looking at 15-20 hours. At 2 per hour you’re at 30+ hours.

I suppose anything is possible if you want to put the time in. Realistically the answer to your question is just No.

You can plex your account in a weekend or 2 with alpha skills sir. Eve is and has been always free to play, you just need the effort to find the way.

Best Guide To become Eve Billonaire


thanks for the advise people, most of you have confirmed what i’ve thought thought for a while, which is essentially eve is a 2nd job almost if you want to plex, accept for a lucky few… ive looked on google for various things and nothing there has convinced me that it is possible in the time frame and situation that I find myself in (dont want to go to null etc)

I PLEX six accounts by selling SP from the unused alts from those accounts, three of those accounts have three toons each purposely training skills to sell, I only use three accounts now that the Eve I knew and loved is now gasping for air.

As we are in the age of skill injector and retarded nerfs suggested by some new csm, nobody will tell you his secrets so easy. My humble sugestion go FW or null corp and ask other players what you should do.

There is plenty ways to make isk easy sir, but in my experience every time im back to eve i pay at last the first 2 months to play with no stress and retrain myself with the new mechanics.

Eve is no easy, has a long learning curve, and need a lot of grey matter. Once you adapt you will love this game and his complexity.


@Alea - so you use 1 toon per account and then sell the unused SP from the other 2. how do you train those, or do you not actively train your main? and train the SP farm toons instead

@DarkKain - yes I have used injectors before, my main has been in game a long time , ive made good isk in the past (well good for me, chicken feed for some) but i am finding that I detest the grind (missions, signatures etc) and I am looking for something low effort now, null sec is a sea of blues and grinding sites.

I appreciate no one will lay off their secrets, but it was worth asking the question I think.

Ill find a way, maybe FW although even that bored me, perhaps its time to dock up the spaceship

(no one can have my stuff :))

Keep in mind that it is entirely CCP’s decision for PLEX prices, for how much ISK the various activities give, and for keeping the in-game inflation / economy the way they want it.

All prices are geared towards enticing you to pay CCP for your game subscription. From the discounts to the extra costs of PLEX to the long boring grind for ISK.

You’re asking if it’s possible “these days.” In fact it’s always been like a second job. They want their money.


@Memphis_Baas - Indeed, ive read posts in the past which seem to indicate that people used to just smash the plexing and find it really easy, of course how much BS is in those announcements is unknown, ive been in game since 2010, was addicted massively to it for years and know that is waning, I suspect that I will go to one account, maybe strip out the SP from the 2nd account and just use the 3 toons that I have with my main. I am just trying to find something fun to do in game whilst plexing, not often you can have your cake and eat it too though

The problem is they want their money from both ends. Subscriptions and micro-transactions. You don’t get to excel at both. You do one or the other… or just be an outright gold-ammo dikbag game (which could be argued to be the current state…larger T2 ammo Omega only).

You can’t claim to be free-to-play when you have hard blocks on a vast majority of content, the most desired content.

If League of Legends had a subscription model they would lose 75% of their players over night. They rely entirely on micro-transactions for visuals.

On the other end, World of Warcraft is primarily subscription based. Yes there are transactions but $60 for a 100 char boost is NOT micro. Maybe CCP should consider something similar such as $50 for a Carrier toon. Instant basic skilled character ready to sit in a carrier. Yeah they have the Character Bazaar but they get $20 whether its a 5 Mill sp toon or a 250 Mill sp toon.

They can’t sit on the fence. Go all in one way or the other.

I agree but the target player database is diferent. The thing is, in moba model you dont loose a the armor , and in Nerf Online your ship will be destroyed in many ways at any time.

As they are implementing now 20msp without a way to babysit new player, this will end in frustration and kiting And you will se more of this post about game mechanic, becouse this generation wanna go fast an easy.

They considered that but we burned Jita in protest, because paying for ships = pay to win for most people, and the PVP would be completely unbalanced with it. And if you can’t win fights because you’re not rich is the opposite of free to play or “fair”.

They’re subscription, and otherwise $80 for a monocle. So like WoW.

Before this goes further, keep in mind that microtransactions is a hot topic that’s been discussed to death and the thread is likely to be locked if it goes that way.

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@OP, Not really.

Just get a RL job and dedicate some of your earnings for isk in Eve.

WAYYY better use of your time for money, imo.

Grinding isk as Alpha just to sustain Plex is just plain insane, unless you literally have no other thing to do with yourself, or hobby.


I’m not sure what your definition of “low skilled” is, but I’ve been plexing at least one account (and as many as three) since I had about 15m SP by blitzing L4 and burner missions in highsec (though you obviously have to be an Omega to start). I do a bunch of other stuff too but that’s always been my primary income source. However, that’s something that has a steep initial learning curve and requires maybe 5B isk in startup costs.

I probably invested about $40 of RL money getting up to speed, but once you’re up and running and doing it efficiently, it takes maybe 8-10 hours of play to buy a plex - even less as your skills improve (200m isk per hour is the common benchmark doing burners). And that’s all in highsec.

EVE is definitely NOT a “second job” for me and I have no problem plexing. I can certainly afford to spend the RL money, but it’s a point of pride that I can self-sustain within the game. That’s part of the meta for me.

BTW, I got started by running offensive and defensive FW plexes. You can do that easily as an alpha and earn in excess of 20m isk per hour. That still only amounts to about 2 hours per day of play to plex - but that’s all you’d be doing.

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Indeed, time is our most precious resource. Don’t waste it grinding for PLEX if it is in fact cheaper to just pay with RL money…keeping in mind the concept of opportunity cost. If you are trading 24-40 hours a month to get a PLEX…unless you really enjoy that process, you should probably just pay.


Huff gas in c5’s of c6’s. You’ll plex in no time.

I’ll huff and I’ll puff !!

Try to join an NS/WH corp and ride on their coat-tails for scraps.

Also, though PLEXing every month may be increasingly difficult, you can instead PLEX every 2-3 months.

Profits from gas mining on an Alpha are grossly exaggerated in this thread.

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