How should I plex my account

question in the top I have a couple options I could do which are up to vote

  • Gas huffing
  • Low sec PvE
  • Try and do pvp
  • other (put in the comments)
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Just pay for it. Nothing sucked the joy out of EVE faster than grinding for plex.


Consider getting into serious WH site running. (Get that blue loot! :drooling_face: :drooling_face:)

Or multibox incursions with marauders. (Armor or Shield tanked) ----- Can be soul crushing but every alt can make billions depending on fleets.

Don’t dismiss plexing so easily. There are people in EVE who haven’t gave a single penny to CCP but are plexed on MULTIPLE accounts for literal YEARS. Once everything is set into place it’s not that much harder than just waking up. Getting the accounts logged in and going to make ISK doing sites/incursion fleets for example.

I will disclose I am biased towards WH, Incursions, PI, and Abyssal dead space for big time ISK making. I don’t play around with NS stuff.

I did it with market trading. It goes slow in the beginning but it got me a few 100 bil in the end.
Most important is do what you like to do, not what is most profitable.

I think the minute I discovered I could have 1.2bn ISK for £10…mining went out the window. Why grind ( which is effectively work ) when I have already grinded for that £10.


plex it with miners tears

so sad

Sometimes you gotta sell your soul for the most efficient ISK/hr.

'lights modest ISK cigar because he is not a multiboxer. :sweat_smile:

Spam recruitment links in NPC corp chat. CCP seems to be fine with that. At least the GM’s act like it’s CCP policy to do nothing about it.

So anyway, a little dedication to the effort and you’ll have a years worth of game time banked in a week or two.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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hmm fun but I’ll do that with an alt not my main

If you’re new, I’d advise you not to. Just pay for a sub.
After you’ve been playing a while, you’ll have the knowledge and assets to be able to plex without it turning into a horrible grind.
Trying to plex as a newbro is just turning eve into a terribly paid second job.
Concentrate on your fun/hour rather than your ISK/hour.


:point_up:My thought exactly. I don’t need to grind in a video game when I already did it irl.


With Margin Trading now gone, it takes longer for someone starting out trading to be able to PLEX a single account, let alone multiple. For years I had an account that had a Jita and an Amarr market alt on it that never undocked and was able to PLEX three accounts with it. Now I don’t even bother.

why? because you cant scam ppl any more…that is all that skill was good for.

Join a WH corp and roll along

Other: Allegedly if you just buy PLEX for real money and sell it for isk you win EVE, so I’d do that. Then you have won right?


Good riddance penny trading in EVE online.

Steal ships from gh0stiegaming.
Thanks for the Procurer Joseph!

Can second this, its not that expensive and the game does feel a lot better when you’re not having to jump on and grind for ISK just to keep the lights on

Thing is, a market trading scam didn’t actually do anything, because the order would just fail so all it would do is waste a small amount of time, the scam was more about trying to catch people moving things which you can already do in jita by scanning a few haulers and nado’ing them in to oblivion