Any fun or interesting ways to make some money as Alpha while I wait to get some real money to buy the 500 Plex for Omega?

I’m new to the game and so far i’m having a lot of fun with it especially mining though I do plan on buying some Plex to but Omega status is there any way I can build up a decent amount of isk in the time being so far I got about 8-9m isk or so. Also what would a good mining related ship be for once I get to Omega right now i’m using the Venture with 2 mining lasers and a mining laser upgrade 1. Any help would be appreciated as well as any overall mining tips that may be useful.

As an Alpha character in highsec your income opportunities are largely confined to missions and exploration. You should definitely complete the career missions and SOE Epic Arc After that, if you enjoy combat you can skill for a cruiser to run level 2 missions. With experience a maximum skill Alpha can run level 3 missions using a Gnosis battlecruiser.

Another option is distribution missions. Alphas can run level 4 distribution missions and the ISK/hour is probably better than anything else you can do in highsec. 2 pirate factions have level 4 distribution agents in Highsec and their loyalty points are quite valuable. Sisters of Eve have a level 4 distribution agent in Gicodel VII - Moon 14 - Sisters of EVE Bureau. Thukker Tribe have 2 corporations Thukker Mix and Trust Partners with several agents in Minmatar space.

In the lower security regions of space there are additional opportunities including exploration and ratting. There are also excellent income opportunities in faction warfare. I’ve heard that some Alphas earn enough to PLEX their account looting and salvaging combat sites because the ratters can’t be bothered - they simply want the bounties. In this case, I recommend you join a corporation that specializes in training new players. One example

If you want to get omega with real money, get the subscription. It’s cheaper than PLEX


Thank you for the tips I appreciate it, I been loving this game so far.

Have you concidered exploration?? I have been playing for 2 months now and with fairly low skills can make 100 mill isk in an evening doing data and relic sites in null or low sec.

There is a risk to it of course but that’s half the fun!! (The adrenalin when hiding from someone hunting you and the buzz when you find valuable loot and get back to high sec with it) I have lost a few exploration ships to gate camps, traps and pirates but you quickly learn how to avoid them and basic exploration ships only costs a couple of mill to buy and fit so it is well worth the investment.

You don’t need a Gnosis. I easily complete lvl3 missions in my Vexor as an alpha without any problems.

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