Alpha Bob's 1 BILLION ISK Challenge

Hey, this is Alpha Bob.

I’ve played for over 10 years and found lots of ways to make ISK. But recently i’ve wanted to help out new players (as Alpha Clones) to learn how to make ISK exploring in NULL and Wormholes.
To show this i’ve been trying out a BILLION ISK challenge:

  1. Make 1 BILLION ISK in 5 hours
  2. Start and end in Jita (or other trade hub)
  3. All loot must be sold within the 5 hours to count
  4. If you log out, start back in the same place with the same loot.
    (i’m doing this as an Alpha player)

My first attempt was 747M ISK in 5 hours.
I’m on my 2nd attempt now, and i want to give away all the ISK i make: EVE ONLINE - Alpha Bob's 1 Billion ISK Challenge (ISK Give-Away & Superior Sleeper Cache) - YouTube

Are there any other ways for an Alpha player to make that much ISK?

An older video of mine show a new character making 237M ISK in the first 2.5 hours: EVE ONLINE - 237M ISK in first 2.5 hours of alpha account - YouTube

Happy Hacking,
Alpha Bob


Nice, there’s definitely ISK available in-game, just gotta go out and get it…

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