Hard-line Syndicate - Open Recruitment (PvP/PVE)- (AU/US/EU)

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Hard-line Syndicate is a null sec corporation that does a bit of everything. If you are looking for a new home, where you will be respected and be considered a true member and get all the support you need, this is a corporation for you! We are a fast growing corporation and looking for international pilots.

We are currently maintaining sovereignty in an Etherium Reach system, we are part of the Serrice Council., the free playstyle alliance partner of Stella Nova and we are members of the Vanguard Coalition. We believe in honor, justice and that with hard work we can accomplish anything!
We are a no drama, grown up corporation, welcoming diversity, making sure we have a healthy & fun environment for everyone who wants to join us.

What we and our alliances offer:
- Loot and Salvage buyback program
- Ore buyback program
- Courier/Logistics program
- Developing capital building program
- Access to prime ratting/mining/PI/PvE space for your members
**- Access to daily PvP **
- Blops and capital PvP opportunities
- Access to alliance new bro training programmes for new to EVE/PvP members
- Solid Industry backbone
- The best all-around support to help you grow
- Access to coalition level intel and PvP activity
- Alliance fleet-up group for alliance and corporation doctrines and fleet planning
- TeamSpeak 3
**- New bro mining and ratting gangs/support **
**- Ice/Ore mining with boosts **
- We provide help relocating (ask us for more information)
- Access to Stella Nova CTAs
And more, much more…

You don’t have to pay any monthly fee nor any kind of regular contribution, we just want you here with us working on making this project grow getting rich and having lots of fun along the way!

If you have any other questions please contact:

Brooklyn Bound

We are waiting for you!

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