The Syndicate. Recruiting for relaxed SOV Null - [SLYCE/DRONES]

Hello and welcome to The Syndicate, a relaxed and drama-free corp living in drone lands sov null that welcomes pilots of all backgrounds and play styles!

:hammer_and_wrench: Our focus is on Isk Making (ratting, indy, mining) and Alliance Level PvP… so whether you’re a combat-focused pilot or an industrialist, you’ll find a place with us.

:star2: Our philosophy is simple: we aim to create a friendly and drama-free environment where players can enjoy the game at their own pace and make ISK. We have a strict no-drama policy, and we expect all members to treat each other with mutual respect. We understand that real life comes first, and we don’t require our members to attend mandatory ops or participate in CTA’s.

:wave: Our community is open to players of all backgrounds and play styles, whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a new player to null. You’ll find a home with us, and you can expect to find a majority of your fellow corp mates flying in the late US TZ and AU TZ, and a mixture of Americans and Europeans who are 30+.

:telephone_receiver: Keep in mind that we are a social group and have mandatory comms usage. As well as being located in null, we have a mandatory ESI spai check. We have a very experienced leadership team that is focused on helping our line members expand both their ISK but also their functional knowledge of the game. We are a close-knit group of people who help each other grow and develop, and we honestly care more about your personality and demeanor than we do your SP amounts.

:point_right: Join us in our in-game channel “Syndicate Public” or send a mail/convo to Tanya Talon for more information about our community.

Perks/Selling Points
-Moon mining! (R64/32)
-Ice mining
-Ship replacement Programs
-Ability to do CRAB Beacons efficiently (1B+ an Hour)
-Carrier Ratting / Rorqs
-Capital PvP Fleets when possible
-Organized PvP fleets daily/weekly with experienced alliance FC’s
-JF Services
-Full industrial services to build/Refine anything and everything perfectly

Fly safe, and we hope to see you in space very soon!

Bump! you can find me in our pub rn :eyes:

bump bump, slowly growing, getting some R32s and R64s going rn!

Bump! in our pub rn




bump! weve recently moved to a larger alliance, come say hello and see if this is a good home for you.

Bump! Quiet ratting and mining, what more can a crab ask for :smiley:

bipity bopity

zippity zoppity

Hello, what alliance are you apart of. If you’re interested in a change of scenery I’m with an alliance that would love to work something out :slight_smile:

Tippity toppity

bump! we love our alliance. Thanks tho, have had many outstanding invites to much larger groups then yours prior.

Bump, come along and have some fun with us!.

Bump :slight_smile:

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