Cant afford to rent? Dont know how to leave HS? We are looking for corps/social groups

To start, we are not interested in splitting up your group or destroying something that’s working for you, what we want to offer is another path, a parachute for a new beginning for your corporation/friend group, we’d like to discuss the possibilities of your corp merging with our corporation for mutual benefit.

This might be a good option for your corp and or friend group:

  • If you been turned down by alliances due to your size?
  • If you’ve only operated in highsec and are unsure about venturing into Null
  • If you have a group without direction or leadership
  • If you don’t have the finances to move/rent in null
  • If you want to experience PvP and function apart of a real null corp/alliance (rules/commitments apply lol)

Me and my corp leadership can offer you many things, to list a few -

  • Guidance, I’ve personally ran many successful groups and both me and my members have thrived in high level eve content, Ive ran a large alliance and have ran corps in other Major alliances in High, Low and null.
  • Access to Sov Null
  • Relative safety (umbrella and defensive space)
  • Organized PvP fleets daily/weekly with experienced alliance FC’s
  • Moon mining (r32/r64)
  • Ice mining

So your corp/group gets no strings attached access to null, what do we get? our main reason for doing this is to have some more folks in corp to help things prosper, we need more recruiters, an fc, organizer of indy content.
Another factor for us is we are also predominantly late US TZ and into the AU tz so the hope is that you might be EU or early US tz. This would be helpful for alliance ops and overlapping content.

We understand that you are a CEO and have directors and you don’t want to give up the power of direction or ability to benefit others and for that we can work out a form of directorship or future direction for key members of your corp, there are always the possibility of officer positions to benefit the corp, both corp and alliance FC and JR FC positions if qualified.

We will work with you, help you with the move (isk/JF), train and educate you if you want/need it, we’ve got your back and we hope that you might have ours in the near future.

If you have any questions or general interest in what we are offering feel free to evemail me.

If you want to see what we offer to normal members and what our cutlure looks like here is our advert - The Syndicate. Recruiting for relaxed SOV Null - [SLYCE/DRONES]

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Bump! had some great interactions with some possible folks!

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I have pilots that can mine in nul but I must protect my main miner alt fleet away from @Aiko_Danuja

What would it cost to mine in nulsec?

you cant hide, the code always wins

@ Dodgey Sen Fight me outside Jita today 15 minutes before Restart@ If you don’t show I will blame Aiko!


Invite me to one of your holes!


@Tanya_Talon I want to ice mine in NUL please contact me in game for pricing per month.

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