Yutani Syndicate wants you!

Yutani Syndicate has been around nearly 8 years and is now back to begin what was started years ago. We are in need of all ranks from Miners to Pew Pew . We are located in Null Sec a few jumps from Jita We have rich system resources and a backbone that is growing daily. Low tax rate, Minimum skill points of 5million OK to bring in your alts. Need miners and ratters, manufacturers and pvp pilots. Mostly USTZ and an active alliance 24/7 WIll need a mic for comms during ops. Don’t miss your chance to make history! Come get space rich with all there is to harvest.

contact with in game email and or post here,

We have been in active for a while but that has now changed,

Our mission is to have fun. real life first. We strive on no drama, lots of laughs and good times.

Fleets all month ,Ship replacement programs, moon mining programs, mining ops and pvp fleets.

WIll train you and teach you enough to make you dangerous.

Contact here or in game email to Shae Charante

Just living the Eve Dream

We do what we want when we want and make a good Eve living doing it!

IS a No Pressure No Stress NULL life for you ?

. We have moon rocks to mine!
. There is a TON of PI !
. Lots of ships to kill !
. A lot of systems to mine and rat in!
. Plenty of places to manufacture products !
. Just a few jumps from Jita in a well protected area !

Come fly with me!

Join us you will love what we have to offer!

IS a No Pressure No Stress NULL life for you ?

Good people, can vouch!

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We have a lot of content , just waiting for you to come join us!

Come fly with us !

Daily fleets in alliance and many things going on to make you space rich. Happy go lucky and no pressure.