I’ve built my first Noctis with a BPC from Dodixie. You need aims for all the mining and ore :wink:
And when looting and salvaging even small sites, sometimes you find nice gadgets and debris which can be sold at decent price.
You know the golden rule: Don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose. It makes absolutely no sense at all to invest into a Noctis as long as you can’t afford to buy another one.

Nice! I’ve heard a lot about salvaging, I think its time I try it. I’ve been busy trying other stuff, and pretty much doing whatever I want, and its great! The freedom of this game is amazing.

If you are scavenging wrecks from other players in hisec then you’ll find an Imicus is more than adequate. Fit 2x Salavagers, an expanded launcher for hunting drones (or 1x extra salvager), 4x Salvage drones, 2x Salvage Tackle Rigs, a Cargo Scanner for checking cans for nice loot, an afterburner & an MWD for quickly getting to distant wrecks if they haven’t already been MTU’d.

You can add 4x light combat drones, also you can carry some tank in your hold to refit if you fancy doing some of the easier combat sites.

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Generally not unfortunately. All of the T1 ores up to Arkonor are available in hisec either in belts, anomolies or 0.5 system moon mining. So mining lowsec belts and anomolies makes no sense.

The exception is lowsec moon belts which can have good moon ore but the owners will not be happy if you mine it. Which of course means stealing it is fun :slight_smile: It is best to try this in small venture fleets with a few buddies, it takes organisation and some knowledge of operating in lowsec & you will still lose some ships/pods.

As an omega you can also do this solo in an Endurance which fitted right is a great mining frigate for this kind of work.

EDIT: Providence is an area of Null where neutrals are welcome to operate if they behave, many corps run moon mining operations with nice moon ores, generally you have to pay an ore tax to mine. Of course it is null and you have watch out constantly against being jumped but it is fun. Also the rats are much bigger and there is lots more salvage, if you ask a ratter nicely they might let you tag along for the salvage.

Okay, thanks for the help!

Destroyers work great for salvaging. With 8 highslots to put salvagers andtractor beams in, they’re handy.

If you like salvaging, perhaps look up a dedicated salvage corp such as ProSynergy (if they’re still around, not sure tbh)

8 active modules drain a new player’s capacitor quite quickly.
I recommend to do the ratting all by himself, throw an MTU at the beginning (never seen a rat shooting an MTU), bookmark the spot (important!) and bring the salvaging frig. He still has to find out what’s his fun side of EVE, and some standing from missions sometimes is rather handy.

I’ve now got a ship outfitted for salvaging, but how do I find salvage?

Hehe, important aspect! There are several ways to find salvage:

  • you can shoot NPCs in missions
  • join mission runners who shoot NPCs at larger scale
  • scan down active Mission runners with combat probes
  • Jump to combat anomalies (in the probe window) and kill the rats or (if too heavy fire) bookmark and wait till they disappear after someone else finished the rats. Most times the salvage is still there. Actually these event sites are quite juicy atm.

Be aware yellow wrecks can be salvaged without punishment, but if you loot them, you will be suspect for 15 minutes and thus can be shot at without CONCORD interference.
Wrecks and containers disappear 2 hours after killing the original ship or at downtime.

Ah okay, so to get consistent salvage I need to kill the npcs myself and therefore
want a ship with both guns and salvage gear. But to get consistent npcs I need to run missions, makes sense

That’s possible, just a salvager at the 8th high slot of a Destroyer, easiest way for newer players.
But soon you will learn to specialize your ships for their purpose, and when you find higher amounts of wrecks, you’ll appreciate a proper salvaging ship, even if that means warping to and fro.

:open_mouth: You don’t say?

Yeah…that’s why capacitor mods are recommended on salvaging destroyers…

In the New Citizens section, sometimes Captain Obvious is a hero :wink:

Alright, @Pierre_de_Bricassart , fair enough.

But as this is an online forum, I can’t admit I was wrong and just leave it at that…I must say something

This will have to do:

:wink: o7

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