Alpha still not a Procurer pilot ..?

I would of thought that giving an Alpha pilot the taste of the a power mining barge can give would leave them wanting more … or at least mine the hell out of a belt to buy a plex. Mining in Eve has the been the back bone of the this game ( this is a game … right ? ) since day 1 … the only way to get a battle ship was the mine the roids and build it. So it still puzzles me that if a mission care-bear can pilot a battle ship into lvl3 then why not a mining care-bear a very humble mining barge into his shiny high sec belt.

Give us the tools to become great men/she-men and strip a mining belt of its bounty like gods. Behind every PvE warrior there is a miner trying to get out … there must be a secret closet miner-dev that can rally to our cause fight-the-good-fight to help us raise our heads high as we get high-sec ganked, not in a lowly friget, but like men.

It’s too easily exploited.



If you want the full game, pay for the f’ing Omega clone.


No one would want more when a barge can be used for free.
People would unsub when they could use barges as Alphas.

All these tools are already available, proven by all those who turned out to be great men.

Great men wouldn’t complain about not being able to use something for free …
… they’d do the best they can with what they have.

The problem isn’t the tools …
… but that most people …
… yourself included …
… aren’t made out of great-man-material.



They should be forced to mine in Kestrels.


Arbitrator is still a fine mining cruiser

Fit out a Praxis as a mining BS and go to town with jetcan mining. Bring back the glory days!

(Well, in the opinion of a certain smallish group of players, at least)

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I want to have it all for " f’ing FREE ".

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I have met many people in EVE, this is not my main char but a mining char, and some have found great ways to exploit ways for making isk.

One guy has 6 accounts all payed for buy creating an ice harvesting fleet.

It is nice you have put some thought into your reply.

I am having trouble following your line of thought … are you trying to say an Alpha can not have a barge or just attacking me in general …??

LMFAO @ op

Alphas do not need a mining barge.

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Solstice didn’t attack anything. They refuted your claim that great men need to be handed tools to achieve their greatness (rather than starting from the same base and, by virtue of the characteristics that make them great men/women, finding ways to leverage those tools into greatness) and made a very clear statement on why adding mining barges to alpha clones is counter-intuitive to your argument that it would encourage subbing to Omega.

Alpha clones are an endless free trial of the game. They should not have one bit more access than they already do. An alpha isn’t meant to be able to easily PLEX itself into Omega; that wasn’t even part of the design of the available skills. They simply have enough access to try a little bit of everything a new player could reasonably expect to engage in and determine if they like the game enough to subscribe.


I miss my bait Osprey.

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I’m not trying to insult you, actually. It’s more of a test of your personality.

First of all … yes, Alphas can’t have barges. Everyone, including CCP, considers this to be a bad idea simply because every miner would just unsub and keep putting resources into the economy for free, which simply isn’t a good thing. The fact that there’s a paywall, Omega, is a good thing, though, because it prevents thousands of people from doing exactly that.

It prevents people from setting up a network of machines behind VPNs, each running an Alpha alt, mining their hearts out. For free!

Anyhow, regarding the “insult” …

It’s really just a matter of fact and logic. Imagine everyone could actually be a “great man”. We’d be having great men everywhere, turning it into mediocrity. It’s simply that most people really don’t have it in them.

It’s not a lack of tools, or the wrong tools, or lacking access to tools. If this were the case, then there wouldn’t have been great men before … but there were! EVE has tons of “great men” (in context of EVE ONLINE) who have achieved their own kind of greatness and they had it even much harder than people are having it now.


Your argument that great men need access to tools …

… is invalid, because the tools you’re referring to are simply not required.

If you had it in you …
… you’d know that!

Don’t perceive it as insulting.
Do you want to know more?

He. He!

Unless it’s Solecist you’re coming across.

Then call her whatever the ■■■■ you want …
… but best to call her my alt, because that pisses her off. : - )

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Well you cant, so SHUT UP!!


TL;DR I want it all.