New additions to Alpha

I have seen the restrictions been lifted from Alpha accounts but not everything, I know that would defeat the purpose of Omega but when Eve Vegas comes it’s less restricting the PVP side but not the mining side. With the increase of skill points and Battlecruisers and Battleships. I think a few of the mining barages should be aloud to be used by the Alpha to get a sense of the mining side and not be having to mine and spend hours using a venture to make nothing. As a large bunch of people like mining and wish to get a taste of the Mining barages without getting Omega ( I am getting it next month though)

Sure, lets give people the ability to box mining fleets without paying for the game.

In case it wasn’t clear… that was sarcasm.

You can get a taste for mining with a venture. If you actually want to play Eve why not just pony up the few $ a month.


As much as I’d like to see one mining barge made available to Alpha class players (I just went back to Alpha and my procurer is now in mothballs), I don’t see that as necessarily being wise, The Miasmo already has a very large ore hold, but it lacks the ability to utilize drones. Perhaps an external drone launcher could be implemented instead, thus solving this concern with minimal equipment and no additional Omega vessels being pressed into Alpha player service. However, I will say that the Miasmo is the most cumbersome of vessels I have utilized in Eve. This makes it less than ideal for mining as it is, but it is an already available option. The lack of drones makes it all but undesirable for mining, but it can be done. I know, I have tried mining with a Miasmo.

The whole point of alphas is to contribute to the economy by buying stuff made by omegas and getting blown up, not actaully gather materiels and start to make their own ■■■■.
If you start to let alphas use mining barges, who will pay for the game? people who fly capitals, t3 ships and exhumers… see a problem with that?

Whats stopping you from being alpha, make isk, going omega for one month and try out a mining barge?

Who wouldn’t want to be able to have a mining fleet semi afk mining without paying a sub?

But can you imagine the massive surge in minerals? It’s going to be the rorqual problem all over again.

We are already producing more than we are destroying (3x more last i checked).

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I can. Suddenly more ships can be obtained and blown up.

If we want that result… we can get it by de-nerfing the rorqs.

we already produce more ships than can be blown up thanks to alt armies, we just need more people getting blown up with a lul in industry to that people who are sitting on stockpiles of stuff can empty out


The third paragraph in the post you’ve quoted, we are already producing way more than we are destroying. Isk is going up in the game despite allegedly fewer players.

Wealth and material/ship shortages are not holding back pvp.

Sigh classic alpha crying over not getting something even though they will be getting a ■■■■ load more soon…


Alphas. Give 'em an inch and they want the entire f*cking mile…

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I never said that but all that sooper dooper-IMARATTINGINFINITEISK-muahahahahhahaha-devaluation does.

There is always dat doode saying “is much cheap…” at some absymal fantasy-pricetag I won’t be paying. The “I cannot go out there and strangle it” is preventing pvp. Oh and the very high level of incompetence.
Have you seen the 2-day old newbies asking for fits to be spoon-fed to them for ships they have no business sitting in?

Alts and low-esteem kids, input broadcasting the FONE key with infinite isk are preventing pvp.

In the “land of the free”, how do you think I could compete with that?

way back before station changes of unlimited factories, there were people with so many indy alts that you would see all the labs and factories in a region empty out all at once and than quickly refill lines just as fast. back than in most of empire you had to have good timing to get a bpo in research or factorylines unless you bought a pos. renting out pos lines was even a thing.

I also remember a pos to be close to un-affordable one billion a gigantic amount of isk :frowning:

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