Best skills to extract from an alt to re-focus?

I have a 40M SP alt that’s a mongoloid of a ratter/miner/processor/science. Is there a website I can put all their skills into and it suggests what ones are “wasted” SP to be removed first? I’m probably going to refocus them into a marauder/dread pilot and just remove all the mining skills and drone skills…but I don’t know how to prioritize removal. Thanks.

Well, I’d be reluctant to remove drone skills. A ton of ships use drones, including marauders.

Past that, I really don’t think it’s complicated. Just start with skills from one area of expertise, and then move to another until you run out of extractors (i.e. extract all the mining skills, then reprocessing, then science).

Just be absolute sure you won’t need it. For example, you won’t need astrogeology and mining upgrades if you’re not going to mine any more, but Drone Interfacing and Drone Navigation is used by a crap ton of ships in a ton of activities. So, you might not want to remove those.

Why don’t you just train into the Marauder and keep the skills you have? They are not wasted, they are not unnecessary, they will always allow you to do things. You would waste SP if you extracted them and then reinjected because you get much fewer SP reinjected.

This entire notion of “wasted SP” is so stupid, to be honest. Just start training or injecting for Marauders and ignore the trained industry/science skills. I have a pretty combat focused character but recently I started participating in industry activities for my corp so I just started to train those skills up. There’s nothing “wasted” about SP in EVE that you maybe don’t use all the time.

i’ve never understood “wasted sp either” the only skills i’ve ever extracted, were the PI skills cause i was kinda coerced into training them to get into PI, but i just don’t understand it enough to enjoy it…

but listen to them @Cage_Man. Since you are below 50M SP, the large skill injectors will only net you 400M SP not 500. and once you pass 50m SP, i think it goes to 300m SP that you get for a skill injector.

so for every extractor you will make for 500m SP, you’ll lose 100m SP per injector, injecting those back.
I don’t mine anymore, but I have all my mining skills just because it is a nice relaxing night when not pew pewing npcs helping to raise standings.

Ok, thanks, and I understand. I guess there are some skills that just aren’t used much, like some trading skills, social skills, science/invention skills etc, that even if I lose 100k SP per injector, I’d rather take that time-saved and get into a ship I’ll actually use.

I don’t use PI/invention skills, so if I take a 20% loss in SP, that’s worth it vs waiting 100+ days to get into a ship I will actually use daily.

social and trading are actually pretty important even though it may not seem like it.

social skills play a part in your standings with NPC and keeping you from being attacked if you mess with the wrong faction and get some negative standings.

trading can help with buying/selling stuff on the market for isk.

For an alt in null, not important.

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