Resetting all skillpoints

I know this topic was many time suggested by other players but I think in this time CCP must realy think a bout this idea again,that players once in 6 months can buy some kind of paid service to reset all their skills,and they can start fresh with their new choice ,the player that start in start as PVP piloot and see after while his real heart and love is in science and production or the other started as Caldari piloot and see he dont enjoy it as much anymore,with this mechanism player have always can go see other aspect of game ,at this moment skill extractor dont fill this job ,the avreage piloot with 30 million SP dont go spend couple of honderds or thousend euro or dollar for reseting his SP,mostly they get bored from their character and stop with game ,but with this mechainsm they stay in game if he get bored from his character or job he or she can always see other jobs in game

Or you can train all the skills and do it all - one thing at a time.

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Skill extractors exist already.

The immediate problem is that’s long enough to swap your specialty to whatever the flavor of the month is.
“Oh they nerfed this? Swoosh now I can just use this instead”

Yes, this sounds like a great choice. Of course, resetting all SP should come at a significant cost, otherwise nobody would ever bother with extractors apart from SP farming.
If we take roughly 400m as the maximum amount of SP, then that will take 800 extractors
800 extractors will cost about 90 000 PLEX
and 90 000 PLEX will cost about $3000 USD

Since this SP shifting works for the specific player only, there should be a 25% discount like with subscription vs plex

$2250 sounds like a pretty fair price to shift around all your SP. If you have 400m SP, then you would save $750 USD! Plus, no SP loss when reinjecting

Careful what you wish for, there are those of us out there who can afford that. Set sails for whales

Even if people can afford it, I don’t know of anyone who would care enough to waste that much IRL cash just to reshuffle SP around.

Stranger things have happened…

I can understand the rational behind the request.
equating it to Skill extractors is a bad move

i would say treat it as a character transfer with ÂŁÂŁ price tag (can not be done with plex or sold in game)
it will reset all SP on that toon leaving skillbooks injected but untrained (resets to D1H1 alfa skill set for assigned race). it is a yearly purchase (once per year) and will lock out a character for 24H whilst CCP edits the toon.
on log in after this is done you will be advised of XXX SP unallocated and then you can get to work.

This would be a great benefit to newer players who may not have had the help of Vets to guide them in good skill allocation. use could be found for older players to wishing to change things up.

with the correct implementation this could be a great addition for retention and returning players who have come back after externed periods and with to try out the new stuff.

But will this not just flood the market with more SP?
in short no. as the SP is still tied the that charecter; the owner would still need to buy Extractors to extract and place the SP on the market (also currently SP has to be assigned to be extracted; if my recolection is correct)

I had to wait to train those new skills, now you want to just immediately gain access to them?
No. this is why i suggested a 1 SP remap per year (like Attribute points) all other limitations would apply. you would not be able to train any skill you did not already have injected, you would still need to buy the appropriate Skill books once you injected enough SP back in to your existing skill set to meet the requirements for these new skills… also the SP has already been earned through time invested/injectors used.

But everyone will just remap in to capital ships!!
This already happens with injectors, the difference here is that; ok you purchase the remap and make the perfect titan pilot. now you are not able to do anything else realistically with that toon. and there is no guarantee that you are going to be able to afford the titan…

but it is Pay to Win!!
No its pay modestly to change. you are not given any unreasonable advantage over any other player how dose not use/wish to purchase this service

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