This pack is worthless. It offers 0 Omega time, but for this price, it should offer 90 days of omega because it offers way less plex and way less skill points and less ship skins, and also most of the skins are almost identical skins for the same ship?

Please look at all of the other packs and make this pack in line with them.

I have bought almost every pack but this pack is a money grab.

The GOLD STARTER PACK comes with the following for 49.99
60 days of Omega
500 plex
500,000 SP
Specialist Boost Cerebral Accelerator
9 Skins

The Angelic Domination Pack comes with the following for 46.99
360 Plex
275,000 SP
Specialist Boost Cerebral Aceelerator
7 skins

Why in the hell does this pack have way less plex, way less skill points, less skins, absolutely NO Omega, but still cost pennies away from the same price?

This pack should cost 14.99 or come with 90 days of omega, for that price.

Aren’t you limited to buying the starter pack only once?

Some offers are better than others. This latest one is pretty bad. Even funnier, they are trying to sell pirate faction goodies at the same time they are pushing faction war, where that pirate stuff is all but useless.

the shadow war involves the angels and guristas. So I expect we’ll be seeing a gurista pack soon as well… if it hasn’t already been released.

I mean…you’re right about comparative value, but what does it matter? If ccp offers to sell ten plex and a neon pink shuttle skin for 1000 monies, simply don’t buy it if you don’t want it. No problem.

It’s called “feedback”.

No need to white knight a freaking money grab package, my guy.

Customers can give feedback to businesses on their scammy packages and why they won’t be buying it.

Touch grass and go back to Star Citizen with all that &@#*.

No its not called feedback, its called being a toxic crybaby. If you don’t see the value in it, don’t buy it. The way trade works is that different people place different values on the same thing even in fungible commodities that are the most consistently priced items that exist.

Well, then stop being a toxic crybaby.

If you see value in it, buy it. The way trade works is that different people place different values on the same thing even in fungible commodities that are the most consistently priced items that exist.

The same exact thing can be said in the opposite fashion.

Just because you have nothing better to do with your life than pick random forum posts to argue with on the internet for reasons that absolutely have zero effect on you, to get imaginary “fanboy” points, doesn’t mean anyone actually values your opinion.

I’m the one buying the packs. I’m the target audience. I’m a new player, and these packs are aimed at new players.

This is my feedback.

If that hurts your fanboy ego, so be it. Literally nobody cares about your opinion.
CCP cares about mine.

So who’s the toxic crybaby here?
If you weren’t a toxic crybaby, you could have strolled right past this post and actually wasted your time and energy on something productive, but instead, you chose to cry and be toxic, like a baby. Because somebody on the internet said something, and you chose to insert yourself to cry and be toxic for no productive reason whatsoever.

Take that garbage toxicity back to star citizen and keep dumping your life savings into that money pit and white knighting those forums, they actually condone that stuff over there.

You seem upset.

I’m sorry I hurt you. Please allow me to rephrase my response:

So my years of critisising CCPs decisions is now white knighting, eh? Interesting… Suppose if one is just throwing insults out there because they’re mad someone didn’t lick their exhaust port over their incredibly important post one insult is as good as others.

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