From Extraction to Production - my thoughts

Despite the momentous efforts, the fate of our civilized society, our world, hangs in the balance. Our forces are stretched thin, and it is becoming impossible to stave off the barbarians at the gate.

We must once again sound the horns, so that our compatriots far and wide can heed the call for assistance. Let the bambi-killers from DayZ and Rust, the Stranglethorn Vale campers from WoW, and Felucca’s gankers sleeping in their barrows waiting to rise again, all come to our aid in this darkest of hours. Winter might be coming, but the casuals are already here, and the Catalyst’s cockpit is empty.

I ride for battle now, friend. I will do what I can, what I must, to keep the enemy at bay long enough for the banners of our brethren to cast shadows over the horizon. But if I do not make it through this…tell Epeen’s wife I love her.


This is why non-active/Alpha accounts shouldn’t be allowed to post.

Better solution: require war eligibility for posting in any forum section that doesn’t deal with news, new player Q&A, or technical support.

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CCP disagrees with you and last time I checked it’s still their website and forum.

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Mm found the bittervet :smiley:

Honestly they should make it so.

I mean you can always go to reddit to cry :smiley:

They should but they aren’t going to, per Mike Azariah who said the forum was for the whole community and not just Omega pilots.

Hardly a ‘vet’ :laughing: unless you mean vetenarian.

Yes, lots of cryers on Reddit, try them.

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A shame. It’d reduce the crying here. And the bad faith posting.

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I agree but apparently CCP cares more about quantity than quality.

I’ve reported your posts because you are adding nothing constructive to the original discussion.

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I not only got an actual belly laugh out of this, but got a second one on the re-read. That’s literally contributing to the physical health of anyone who reads Destiny’s post. (Well anyone with a sense of humor, anyway.)

Your path is clear, the gauntlet has been thrown, destiny awaits… you must now write the next EVE novel!

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Oof. So not only have you posted a thread where you got pwnt so hard Rroff felt it, most likely due to the fact you haven’t played for 3 years but now a snitch as well.

Yeesh. At least quit the field with some dignity left intact ROFL.

I think you should go and complete school.

I already did :smiley: But I’m guessing if I didn’t, you’d snitch on that too huh? :rofl:

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