How does Svipul compare to other T3Ds?

Are Svipul’s considered inferior to other T3Ds? When I ask about T3D’s a lot of people saying they fly all except the Svipul. Things that stand out to me is the Artillery isn’t all that great. And when it comes to autocannons you don’t get any tangible range bonus as optimal is at blaster levels anyway, but without the DPS or tracking of blasters. Which leads to to view it as a slower Assault Frigate. It’s apparently not the fastest T3Ds either? Not the greatest tank. Not particularly great at anything from what I can surmise. Currently my skills would dictate I train into Svipul because I already have the autocannon and T1 minmatar destroyer skills. Would I be better flying a Hecate?

Anyone have any experience to be able to compare Svipul to other T3D’s?

Yeah. I just did a compare tool on them. That the Confessor has a faster base speed than the Svipul isn’t the way Minmatar things are supposed to be. The shortest base targeting range. It wants to be shield tanked, but it has the smallest capacitor. And that Hecate looks like you could hull tank it.

I personally like them. For what I use them for they’re perfect. Very money efficient even when using faction ammo with the artillery on those things.

It was the king of T3D for too long in the beginning, it got nerfed into oblivion. It’s a good PvE sniper though, I used to blitz lower level missions for standing.

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