Confessor exploration?

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Just come back to the game after a 2.5-3 year hiatus. T3 destroyers look absolutely amazing. How well do they fare in low sec exploration? Or do they at all. The confessor set up I have is pretty cheap, but has great range and enough DPS to take down the overseer in a sansha/blood raiders 4/10. Pointless trying to do much in lowsec with one of these? I don’t think I’d wanna try a 5/10, the tanks pretty thin.

(Duo Roman) #2

When you said “exploration” I thought you were talking about data/relic sites hacking, not combat sites.

T3D are pretty good for combat sites up to DED 4/10, specially the jackdaw and svipul because you can fit different damage types, allowing you to quickly run DED sites in all regions.

(Andrew Indy) #3

The issue with them for LS is that they could not do the good sites (5-6/10).

4/10 have a lower drop rate than 5-6/10 due to them spawning in HS as well so the ROI is not great for the extra hassle of LS. 2-3/10 are OK just because they are so fast to run but rewards are somewhat limited.

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