Ship for null sec PVE (daytripping)

Oï !
I recently took a look at what we could do in 0.0 space, in terms of PVE, so I would like to try it a bit. I’m based in a C1 WH with a null static, and I would like to get a ship capable of doing the anomalies / DED complexes (not the big things like The Maze, I’m not that dumb), but I’m limited to ship of medium size because of the wormhole restriction =/
Currently, I can use a Jackdaw or Hurricane, but maybe those won’t be useful in those sites (with all those battleships), so maybe a Cynabal or a Gila will do better ?

Ah, I know someone will talk about tier III cruiser (hello Tengu), it’s an option but I can’t have them for now (glorious months of training for the subsystems).

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:
Sasha Viderzei.

This is something I do on a somewhat regular basis. Actually live in HS and go on trips for a few days at a time starting via wormholes, hit some explo sites along the way and into LS or NS. Unfortunately in this case, my ships of choice are Loki, Tengu and Proteus which you said you won’t have for a few months.

What I recommend is that you use a cheap cloaky scaning frig, and go out and tag a bunch of sites 1st or use an alt, then use a Gila. Gilas are very flexible due to the fact that you can have all 4 drone types on them, and thermal / kinetic missles cover all rat types at least as a secondary if not primary damage type. Throw an omni tank on top of that and you don’t have to worry about what you come up against.

Your 2nd choice is a VNI. Not the standard super cheapy shield fit, but a bit more expensive armor fit. Go all out on drones on it with some artys for a bit extra. Ishtar and Munnin do OK as well, but VNI is actually more flexible then Ishtar cause its bonusses are applied to all drones, vs Ishtars concentrated heavies and sentries. Autocannon Munin is pretty good as well, but its more limited in what content it can do due to the AC range, the arty fit is long range but too low DPS.

You might want to go with a ship choice for particular rat types, for example if your rats are vulnreable to thermal or kinetic, go with a Galente or Caldari based ship, if they are vulnreable to explosive go with Minmatar based ship, if EM, then go with caldari or gallente (hehe) I do not recommend Ammar ships, IMHO they are worst off for PVE due to lasers and weaker drone / missle abilities, except maybe Sacrilege, that one is OK cause it has a nice built in tank so leaves slots open for other stuff and its missle / drones provide enough DPS and are flexible enough to accomodate different rat types.

So, the bottom line is that for this type of stuff T3Cs are truly optimal if you don’t use an alt or don’t want to switch ships. This is the kind of stuff that I don’t like about this game, the optimal ways of doing things too many times require alts, multiboxing, and all that sort of crap. But that’s a different subject for a different thread.


Thanks you ! For now, I’m still getting better drones skills so Vexor Navy Issue might not be as good as Gila (because of the dank bonus to medium drone). On the mid to long term, I envisaged an Ishtar, but if it’s less flexible, it might not be worth :confused:

Maybe Muninn will be good, as I can use it as well as in anomalies/signatures/DED complexes and in lower wormholes sites. I also thinked of a Sleipnir, as a logical evolution from Hurricane. The Fleet Issue of Cane might also be an option, or if I want to go with Drones a Myrmidon/Eos.

But thanks pal, your answer help me a lot :slight_smile:



Eh, I agree with @Fluffy_Moe I don’t think it’s a good idea to pick Amarr ship for PVE because even if they almost all have hull bonuses to capacitor, they’re going to run low more often compared to Gallente with hybrid turrets. And I don’t even talk about Missiles or Projectile turrets ships, which don’t give a damn about capacitor.

Plus I don’t like the design, except for the Arbitrator/Curse/Pilgrim. But the gameplay might be interesting, even if I don’t know a lot about it.

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Even C1 WH let Nestor jump through. Fit LMJD, sentry drones and all mods for sniping with them. Usually, sniping fit will solve any null sec combat signatures, if it has enough DPS for that.

Not flexible enough. BS hull furtehr limits which WHs you can use to get to your destination, its way too slow. Remember OP was referring to daytripping from HS. You need a set up that can easily bypass gate camps, warp bubbles, etc. has a cloak, or at least a scout alt etc. Flying from HS to NS for a PvE site is ummm … Well, just not feasible. Yea you can take out bigger targets faster, but that doesn’t mean your average trips will be profitable on decent enough level due to the increased losses.

Eeeeh… No, my english might have failed me this time, but when I talked about “daytripping”, it was that I am based (with my corporation) in a C1 wormhole with a Null static, so I would like a ship that is medium-sized and able to do the majority of 0.0 anomalies/signatures/DED complexes ^^"

Plus the fact that even if Nestor can fit in small wormholes while still being able to carry large weapons, some options are more profitable in terms of price and power. Example : Stratios cost a bit less than half the price of the SOE battleship, and can still manage to bring a good DPS on the table while tanking a lot because of the hull bonuses : 10% damage inflicted by drones for each Gallente cruiser level and 4% bonus to all armor resist with the Amarr cruiser skill. And I think the range bonus to laser turrets is pretty neat.

I would like to see your Stratios fit, or any other non-BS ships (except for 2+ billions ISK blinged T3 cruisers) , that will be able to solo even Angel Provincial HQ, not speaking about Angel Domination Fleet Staging Point, with all the webs out there…

It was a bit of speculations, I have very bad knowledge of the subject and his try to propose ^^
Currently, I found a good Vexor/VNI fit with an oversized afterburner (100MN) that does pretty well against the NPC pirates, as long as the small ships and sentries are taken out quickly ^^

Damn what’s the appeal of living in a c1 wormhole if you need to use your nullsec static for isk? Honestly curious. Is it just having some of your own space with less threat of getting evicted due to ship class restrictions?

It’s just that sometimes (like now) we don’t have a single anomaly spawning :confused:

This is… pretty horrible.

Why daytrip nullsec sites when you can krab your wormhole static? Optimized C3 sites make just as much as carrier ratting in nullsec. Or use FoF Ravens to steal sites through a C5 static.

Would recommend moving into a C4 with a C2 and a C5 static. The C2 connection will provide easy access to highsec for logistics, and the C5 connection will provide easy access to PvP and PvE content. Or if you must for some reason do nullsec sites, join an existing sovholding alliance instead of doing it this way.

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