DED (high and low sec) BC running?

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I recently got my hands on the Hurricane (Minmatar combat BC), and I would like to know : is it possible to run comnbat anomalies with a Battlecruiser ? I’m asking that because of the warp gate before the rats pocket.

If yes, is Hurricane a good pick for that and what should I fit it for that ?

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If you fit it to suit the particular type of rat, it can do any combat anomoly. Battleships and carriers are preferred for more isk/hr and vni preferred for less attention.

It cannot enter 3/10 or below ded signature or ded escalation.

I preferred the stratios over battlecruisers for running both highsec content (its allowed in 3/10s) and lowsec for 5/10s (because it will pass through almost all gatecamps). I do however use a battlecruiser a lot for pvp, and the hurricane is pretty good at that.

Thanks for the answer =)

Actually, I can’t brought and fit a Stratios.

I still have some questions, where does the 4/10 anomalies spawn, like more in highsec, low, maybe null ?
And what kind of damages does Rogue Drones deal please ?

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DED are NOT anomalies.

anoms are warpable from the probe menu.

DED need either to be scanned down, or to be escalated from a unrated or anom completion.

Thanks for the precision

The rogue drone event sites don’t currently deal a lot of damage, particularly if you deal with the structure drones straight away. I just use whatever pvp ship I have to hand - usually my pvp fits have even resists.

4/10s spawn in highsec as signatures, and some races have anomolies that can escalate to a 4/10 (in high or lowsec). They also spawn in lowsec, but I found them hard to find, and they do not spawn in nullsec (as a signature, its feasible you could have an escalation go there). Nullsec has ded 6/7/8/10 but not all races have a 6.

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