Cloaky Ship killer

Just minimize the local window and you’ll feel safe enough to start kabbing again.

Try asking the camper if he is selling a PvE permit. :upside_down_face:


This needs to be a thing! I would pay, for the lulz

May as well as ask for a ceasefire in an actual war because you need a pee break.

I have sympathy for miners and haulers and newbs and others just flying around so-called hi-sec but if you actually put yourself in “what SHOULD be a dangerous situation” but can literally drive away in your car to work, work your shift, and come back and your ship is there safe and sound floating in space, that’s not right. And if its affecting people who are actually wanting to play the game negatively, now its an actual problem.

Thinking of taking attention away from the game to help someone in help chat? I would say, DON`T. Real life regularly takes your attention away from EVE while playing? You need to play a different game. Sooner or later that is gonna get your ship blown up anyway.

I also use cloaking all the time, even AFK while out in the yard working. Looks like those days are done. I may be missing something. I may even regret this change. But for now, I think I can adapt. Just gonna have to safe log a lot now. Been there, done that in a hostile null sec system while being hunted without even a cloak to help! I think this will work out. Just got to choose to play or not play and goodbye to the middle.

I’d call someone a moron for not using the search function on the forums. Matter of fact using the search function is pretty standard procedure for most games and communities.

We’re all for ideas and being able to share input but this is why we end up with tons of threads about CODE., Safety., ganking, cloaking, and plenty of other repeated topics that get discussed in their own thread.

Let’s not be morons.


That would be a hell of a lot more fair than most of how I have seen the words stupid, moron and idiot used. But on this forum of inappropriately named threads, hard to navigate megathreads and threads closed for no logical reason, I would be careful before chastizing someone on a presumption they didn’t do a search.

You were not elected representative nor did you conduct a proper poll. Plus I have seen plenty of evidence that the claim “we” (as in basically all Eve forum members) are is false.

For some this is not possible. Pointing it out doesn’t help much. Not even asking them to reflect on their many years of public education report cards seems to work. Everybody thinks they are a genius somewhere in their mind and calling them a moron only seems to make it worse.

And in this case “Main AFK cloaky thread” certainly does not sound like a place to put ideas about any and all changes to cloaking mechanics/dynamics anyway. And the OP of that thread is no help at all in understanding that. Your best clue is realizing its in the idea section, but in a search, that is a detail that is easy to overlook.

I’ve been thinking about this quite a bit, the more I think about it the more I like it. Meaning your idea.

Here’s a suggestion for how it could work:

First assume that cloaking uses some sort of energy, and that use of energy slowly emits particles which over time generate a cosmic signature if the cloaked ship remains stationary, this would need to span downtime in order to work properly.
I would think that the ideal ship to be your hunter would be an interceptor fitted with a specialized module that can detect these particles (call it a Quantum Resonance Detector for lack of a better name) and after enough of them accumulate, scan them down and eventually warp into the vicinity of the ship they are hunting. Not right on top of it, but on grid.
This I think should need two modules, the Quantum Resonance Detector as a middle slot module and an Enhanced Scan Probe launcher fitted with combat probes above tech I, so Tech II or faction maybe.
This should require the hunting ship to remain stationary and cloaked while the Quantum Resonance Detector detects a resonance between it’s own particle build up and those of it’s target(s), which in turn would allow it to also become the hunted.
I think this would add a whole new profession and type of gameplay to Eve, and would in turn silence the bitching about cloaked campers.
It would be like submarines hunting submarines. Slow, complex, terrifying, and ultimately dangerous but potentially rewarding.

This should not be a quick or simple task, it should be painstaking and preferably involve some thought and effort. The skills for using this module are another issue, and should perhaps require having maxed out all of the other scanning skills before it’s useable.

To make it even more interesting, a ship that has spent a lot of time cloaked could leave a trail of particles in space that the hunter could see a suggestion of it their target moves, nothing specific, but just enough to indicate direction of travel. This trail should be more or less visible depending on the size of the ship and how long it remained cloaked and stationary. An Astero would make a small and hard to track trail, while a Praxis would make a larger and slightly easier to find trail, linking the particle emissions to signature radius makes sense to me.
Maybe someone who is cloaked should get an alarm notifying them of the use of this device in the system they are in so they have a bit of warning and can make counter moves if they like.
If someone is truly AFK they won’t receive this alarm and the results should be obvious.
The probe scan window is already a little cluttered and could use some color changes for different types of stuff it can see. I would like this to show up as purple (because it would be pretty), not look like all the other signatures, but be a cloud like area with varying levels of intensity or opacity depending on emission strength and duration.

I don’t want your thread moved into the mega threads, they are largely useless, and your idea would be lost in the cacophony.
I think what you have proposed should be brought to CCP’s attention and that all the crap in the megathreads ignored in favor of ideas like yours.
I would suggest the CSM but I have begun to think that they are a placebo. Maybe I’m wrong.

Anyway, fantastic idea on your part. I spend a lot of my life in Eve cloaked and while I don’t need any more danger I would love this sort of thing.

Just for the record here, when I think about changes to cloaking in general I think not only of how I use it, or just of how the so called campers use it (which I continue to encourage as a valid tactic) but also of how groups like Eve Scout use it.
They provide some very serious public service, are hunted relentlessly, and require cloaking and long stints of it to accomplish the things they do.
One scout from Signal Cartel (part of Eve Scout) scanning down every signature in Thera requires a huge investment in time and effort, and what they do with that time and effort is gigantically risky. They do this for free as a public service to everyone in Eve, and do it alongside all the other things they do almost all of which require extended periods of remaining cloaked.
Changing cloaking because some twit in a mega corp sees someone in local chat and can’t cope effects everyone, and likely not for the better. Said twit doesn’t care, they just want to feel cozy and safe and content, to hell with everyone else.

One last thing, calling someone a moron for making a suggestion is a shocking act of hypocrisy, I am stunned at the fact that this guy is being told to do searches for something that is so pointless when he, after countless bad or unworkable ideas in the mega threads, has come up with something potentially workable.
This is a good example of the people who say something is impossible shouting down the people who are doing the work to make it possible.
And to them I say shut the hell up, you aren’t helping, get out of the way.

Woody, keep thinking like this, and thank you for the ideas.

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Hey, I know! I know! I got a great idea. Remote detonation charges. Just spam the system with lots of rem-det mines that you can press F1 on and BOOM! There is the afk cloaky camper!

I want that anyway, mines would be terrific fun! I want to put them everywhere I go.
Jump through a gate?
Drop mines.
Undock from a station?
Drop mines.
Spot an astroid belt?
Fill it with mines.

The list is endless, but most of all:

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