Anti Cloaking device

(Ridley Rohan) #21

It would even be cool if D-scan got a bit of a make-over and you could use that to vaguely detect cloaked ships in the area. Even as is if it could just indicate that there is a cloaked ship nearby you could track it down, but it would a real pain to do so. Some extra info such as approximate distance would help. But what I would really like to see is d-scan providing you with an align point EVEN IF that point is not completely accurate.

(Merin Ryskin) #22

Translation: “it would be nice if RMT bots could keep up a constant d-scan so they know as soon as a cloaked ship is nearby and can warp back to station”.

(Ridley Rohan) #23

Those who are docked cannot mine.

And there are lots of little points that can be added to the d-scan idea…for example you can tell if there is cloaked ship, but you don’t know if its a reaper or a panther. RMT fleets docked over some guy’s alt in a cloaked reaper sounds good to me.

(Merin Ryskin) #24

They already are, because currently they dock as soon as the name appears in local. What your proposal does is give them the ability to stay out farming as long as d-scan is clear, and wait until the threat appears on d-scan before docking. More income, no increase in risk.

(Ridley Rohan) #25

My proposal is in line with the OP’s in that this would not apply to covert ops. So they would be free to warp in cloaked and remain undetected. Or be there already and be undetected. Any other cloak and you won’t be warping in cloaked so they know you are there anyway or they are not paying attention.

Not that it matters. Either there is going to be an attack or their isn’t. And if there is, that means uncloaking…and being seen.

My concept would neither remove nor increase the risk to RMT bots but rather, offer a method to convince them to dock more. A clear D-scan might make them feel secure, but remember, a covert op ship could still be there. Meanwhile, D-scan showing a cloaked ship makes them run, assuming they can get away faster than they can be destroyed. But like I say, this way any punk could convince them to dock. And if they decide to risk it, thinking its a non-threat, they get destroyed more for finding out it was a threat after all.

What really makes RMT bottters feel secure is a clear local channel. This won’t change that. This will make them more nervous and docked more for a blip on their radar. Any real threat could attack them before they even had time for that d-scan anyhow.

(Ridley Rohan) #26

Yep. And I don’t think this will change that fact. Actually, I don’t think they are going to stick their necks out depending on a d-scan for cloaked ships to save them if they could d-scan for cloaked ships. Seems like a crazy risk. They already know a threat is in the system. They are not going to risk going into the face of that threat to verify its absence in a particular location…then try to run. It won’t work.

(Daoden) #27

What I was really trying to go for was a way to get ships that are using a non covert ops cloak. Currently you could be on grid with someone that is cloaked whether it is at a gate or planet and unless you get within 2k to decloak you cant do anything. They cant warp or log without a higher risk of being caught so they just aim in a direction and keep moving cloaked, nothing you can do even though in a sense you have them pinned down.

(Ridley Rohan) #28

Sorry if you felt I dragged your thread off topic with my D-scan ideas. However, my point was to be able to use d-scan to home in on a cloaked ship and thereby get close enough to decloak them as it seemed you wanted more capability to force a decloak. I offered that because if it was just firing a module too many would complain its too easy, even with your idea of the range gradually expanding. (personally I thought that was a good balancing mechanic on your part). Regardless, I do like this line of thinking…adding a way to force a decloak.

(leitefer) #29

There should be a game mechanic where multiple people can work together in using their probe to pinpoint the cloaky’s location. Just like in fleet fights where a fc coordinates the position of each members in the system to lock on the location. This will encourage cooperation among players I guess.

(vondronage) #30

There’s actually a reference to something called an “Anti Cloaking Pulse” in the developer database, but it’s hidden. This might be something they’re already working on.

(Daichi Yamato) #31

Pretty sure it’s a CONCORD module. It’s been there for a long time.

(Salt Foambreaker) #32

Would have to be “Banned in Empire Space = true” because it is an AOE attack. Also being an attack it should include a suspect flag for the person using the device.

(Tater-nuts) #33

Maybe you and your mates just suck?

(Daoden) #34

I see no issue with that.

(ZZWolf47) #35

are you thinking of a possible:

Mobile Cloak Inhibitor

This structure, once deployed and having completed its automatic activation process, will prevent all ships from cloaking.

100km effective range
One minute activation time.

May not be deployed within 200km of another Mobile Cloak Inhibitor, within 75km of Stargates, Stations or Upwell Structures, or within 40km of a Starbase. Cannot be retrieved once deployed.
Self-destructs after one hour of operation.

(Daoden) #36

That’s a little overpowered

(ZZWolf47) #37

It is just an idea. With those parameters and with it showing up on the overview, one can still be cloaked and not be found. its not really that overpowering, since the idea limits its life to 1 hour and cannot be picked back up.

(Merin Ryskin) #38

Just as long as the price is high enough that it isn’t profitable to use one for PvE farming to create a “no cloak” bubble around the farmer. Say, 5 billion ISK per use?

(Mike Voidstar) #39

maybe if 100km was changed to 100au that would be almost reasonable.

(Daoden) #40

No it wouldnt