Mass cloaky camper

(Kaleesh) #21

Wow, i have to say you are correct with what you say if i think about.

With other words, everything people try to bring up can be ignored because nobody cares and those who care get dunked to the ground from a bitter vet community or ccp doing nothing.

(Teckos Pech) #22

Referring to you by a racial epithet. Cloaky camping however, is not harassment. Go out there and find a solution.

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(yellow parasol) #24

i like people with short attention spans, but dealing with them is much easier irl. :slight_smile:
if that was all that you’ve been able to process, then you definitely are affected, because you react the same way all the others do, who are not able to address anything and constantly use thoughts based on feelings as counter.

thank you.

i call /thread.


(Lena Crews) #25

I cannot understand what you are trying to get across in this post at all.

Are you insulting him for having a short attention span? For having feelings?

And why would a largely unintelligible post end a thread?

(yellow parasol) #26

no. the thing is that he actually has nothing to say about it. look at the main afk cloak thread, and you’ll see what’ll happen here as well. they’re all the same, because they all share a way of thinking making it impossible tl solve the problem for them.

i’m not insulting him. his reply shows that he didn’t make it through and instinct kicked in, expressing his feelings about it. he has not addressed anything i said. there are others, who try to address points thrown at them, and when you look closer, you’ll find that it is a complete waste of time trying to reason with them, because they can not comprehend that it is their own fault for being scared in the very jungle they are playing in.

or, in points:

  • complainer makes a thread, and declares afk cloakers are evil, because he can’t undock to farm
  • people come and explain that there’s ways of dealing with them, like baiting and or ignoring, or having friends.
  • complainer believes he didn’t really get his point across, and (maybe) tries to address the logical arguments from the perspective of a victim, who is not at fault.

they perceive themselves as literal victims of the evil afk cloaker, who - actual quote - “prevents them from undocking”, as if they’d die as soon as they undocked.

it’s FASCINATING! :smiley:

(Kaleesh) #27

Tell me one person using 25 + cloaky campers is ok, i am sure you will find a little bit of a problem on it.

(Teckos Pech) #28

If somebody wants to incur the costs of using 25 alts to do this…okay, so what?

(Kaleesh) #29

Here begins the problem, because skillfarm, so its for “free”…

(Teckos Pech) #30

Skill farms are not free. Nothing is free*. Try this: opportunity cost.

*Okay, I am looking at some work on co-evolutionary algorithms that could suggest than in certain contexts there are some “free lunches” in a market process. But that really doesn’t apply here.

(Kaleesh) #31

Ok, not free, lets say rediclious cheap…

(Teckos Pech) #32

Here is the thing, even with a skill farm, using alts to do this means you also forgo any other benefits you could obtain from using the alts. For example, if you are going to do invention, with 25 alts you could crap out huge amounts of t2 items and make quite a large amount of ISK. I do alright when I have my 4 alts do it. Scaling that up by a factor of 6x would be some pretty good ISK. So something like that is your opportunity cost. The next best option for using those alts that you give up.

So it is could be quite a pile of ISK depending on what is being given up.

(Kaleesh) #33

Still not the point, you can not say thats the same.

(yellow parasol) #34

why not? please explain your thought.

(Kaleesh) #35

Just because of the nature of usage, what he talks about is making money, i talk about the harassment they are.

(Teckos Pech) #36

It is part of the point. AFK cloaking a system is not costless, the opportunity cost is still there. It is not going to become more common in that skill farming will not remove the opportunity costs.

(Kaleesh) #37

I hope you realize your opinion is incorrect in many directions.

(yellow parasol) #38

it’s not an opinion. he explained economics, after you declared that it’s free. :slight_smile:

what do you mean by saying that it’s incorrect in many directions?

(Kaleesh) #39

I think i dont need to explain this any further because it should be clear enough by now…

(yellow parasol) #40

quod erat demonstrandum.

thank you. :slight_smile: