Current state of player grieving. Cloaky campers? What? Why? Is this a 15 year conclusion on how to encourage new players to the game? Is grieving, fun?

Hi Everyone,

First of all, congratz to the devs for keeping Eve Online alive this long - 15 years. I hope that at least one DEV will get to read this as I consider it a rather important discussion about some aspects of the current EvE ecosystem.

Leaving aside the fact that scamming is allowed in this game, which by itself is a major grieving act against new players and turns the Jita general chat into a bot spam paradise… oh wait, you wanted to comment on this right? To tell me that it’s part of the dangerous, pirate-like universe of EvE, that’s it’s normal and that I should stop sucking at the game?

… What, are you like 10 year olds ? Actually, you probably are! So don’t bother, as I’m not really interested. Besides, the only ones that agree with trade scamming are scammers themselves (outstanding IRL people I bet), the ones that already know about it and CCP.
Funny though, how this was left as it was while giving players so little means to protect themselves/punish scammers(Escpecially that 1 day new alts. Let’s block them to death, shall we?).

But this is secondary. Let’s go to the main topic.

Cloaky camping in Null sector and multiple accounts. You guys know about this, don’t you ?

One guy, in a crappy or decent ship with cloaking device makes its way to a system. He goes to a chosen spot, cloaks, and remains there forever safe while cloaked. His purpose is ganking or hot drop-ing. Is that PVP ? No, it’s just attacking players who are fighting NPCs. Sounds cool, right? No, it’s kinda lame sorry… Player vs Player fighting Non Player Characters - the true purpose of this game! Oh wait…

And in so, he manages to paralyze an entire system. It’s about as saying “I spit on your corporation and your alliance, I’m not going to let you farm in this system. I have a cloak, and I couldn’t care less about your useless probes, Astrahuses and Fortizarz… even your KEEPSTARS! Your sovereignty means NOTHING to me. I won’t lose any time as I have multiple accounts(thanks CCP), so I can just park this one here - and when you least expect it, I will bring my other accounts to gank your sorry ass”.

His only inconvenience is that he has to relog on the daily server restart.

This is one of the reasons me and my friends almost gave up on the game. Between the drag that is constantly watching Local and Intel chat, now you have to run and hide when a guy comes to cloaky camp your system. You never know when he’ll drop a super on the rattle that you’ve worked so hard to equip, and you don’t want to lose it because you know that will be the end. Your corporation can’t help… after all no one can find him, and he’ll just sit there afk until he finds some vulnerable targets. So, you’re forced NOT TO PLAY.

I’ve seen PVP in this game and I believe it can be majestic… but this ? This is just ■■■■■■■■. Without further ado, my suggestions:

  • Fortizar and higher class structures in a system with sovereignity belonging to the respective corporation should be able to use system wide pulses to remove stealth and prevent application for a period of time, every 60 minutes. There has to be some sort of risk for trying to camp a system fully owned by a corporation.

  • If you don’t like the first suggestion, then do something about cloaking in Corp owned systems. Is it normal for a cloaked ship to effectively undermine the strength of a corporation and it’s fleet? If yes, please give then an additional ability to launch nukes (it’s something that they’re sorely lacking)

  • Remove Local chat in Jita. What’s the point of having it, if it’s mostly used by bots? I thought this was supposed to be a player driven game?

Thanks for reading. If you don’t make any changes to the stealth system, I can only hope that some players with enough money will make enough cloaky accounts to effectively trim down more of the EvE population. After all, that’s something that you allow - CCP.

Games are supposed to be fun. Risk is Nullsec in one thing, but this… this is just grieving.


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