Main AFK cloaky thread

Wow you need to try moving a freighter through the high-sec ganking pipes, would love to read that rant as well. P.S giz ya cat i mean stuff. o7


Hei @Nana_Skalski , can you explain the op here how Nullsec is completely risk free?

A) No you don’t,you need to learn how to deal with them, otherwise it’s your own fault.

B) Use the sticky AFK Cloaky thread. this will simply be locked when the next ISD stumbles across it muttering ‘Oh ffs…’

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it isnt completely risk free. Same as any area of gameplay.

The point of this is to show that one cloaked ship should not be able to undermine a corporation owned system. It’s hard to explain such things to experts like @Ima_Wreckyou , who is probably both a scammer and a cloaky camper.

If the ISDs disregard this, considering that it’s been stated times before(assuming that by the “afk cloaky thread” you mention), it shows how much the care about the players. I guess losing some players now doesn’t mean as much as bringing more bots to the game.

Null sec means null security, not null sector.

You, the carebear, are a player. He, the cloaky camper, is a player as well. Hence it’s PvP.

The rest of your garbage thread belongs here:


Nice summary of all of the reasons I play Eve. If I wanted to play a game that wasn’t brutally harsh, I’d be playing something else.

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You could always play in Highsec** until the cloaky camper goes away or go play with an alt in another system. Then there is the option of staying docked and playing Market PVP.

** I know Highsec is reputed to be dangerous but as long as you watch Local and keep mashing dscan and you have some scouts and lots of friends and move to an NPC corp you should be ok.

High-sec is easily the most dangerous space in the game it being the most populated and travelled area within Eve online. Full of dangerous individuals scrabbling up the ladder of griefdom. Your just a rich nullcontent (malcontent) crying about someone you cannot even see.

I think it depends on the specific activities.

Null and Low Sec can be the safest place in the game, if you are with the right organization and in their home space.

Hi Sec can be the most dangerous to certain haulers and newer players in some cases.

Personally, I’ve had an empty JF of mine nearly ganked. I had to jump to a emergency cyno to save it. The game has become more about KMs for many and that is really unfortunate.

As well, I’ve ran some new characters testing some things out and nearly every one had a CODE. alt try to gank it within the first week or so of starting the character. One of those characters had 4+ attempts within the first 3 weeks. and I was online with these new ones far less than when I started the game. This is a huge change from when I started the game back in 2005, and I don’t buy it is good for new player retention.

I’ve spent most of my 9 active years between 2005 and 2014 as a pirate and if that happened to me my first few weeks, I’m not sure I would have stuck around.

Post the lossmail that started this font of rage

The only possible way that can happen is if you let them.

Please ISD, close this already.

Grieving =/= Griefing

Good grief cant you grieve in another one of these topics that have been around for 15 years.

I wonder whoms alt the OP is.

Thank you for helping me save time.

It is Dryson’s alt!

post ur killmail

inb4 lock

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You certainly look like one. Yet another entitled crybaby that thinks he’s ready for the big boys, but is better off playing World of Warcraft instead.

In other words: PvP.

Chapter 7:

The essential core concept of EVE Online is that it is full time PvP in a sandbox environment. As has been mentioned in previous sections any player can engage another player at any time in any place.

Sovereignty doesn’t mean 100% risk-free farming space and if your failure of an alliance can’t defend the space it has claimed, your failure of an alliance doesn’t deserve to hold said space in the first place. I bet you’re just more renter trash, here crying about how you can’t RMT farm 24/7 because the big, bad neutral in local is imposing a non-zero amount of risk on you.

You and your friends frankly shouldn’t play EVE. It’s fairly obvious. You expect the game to be something it is not, but instead of accepting that, you’re whining just like the average entitled millennial.

This literally screams that 1) EVE is the wrong game for you and 2) you should not be anywhere near nullsec.

If they’re all as ■■■■ as you appear to be, I don’t doubt that for a second. Go back to highsec.

You could do your due diligence on gathering intel on him, have a standing fleet up, move to another system, bait him out, … But of course you want none of that. It’s effort and you don’t want effort. You just want 100% safe botting space to get that juicy RMT ISK.

You know EVE is a player driven game, but expect other players to play your way, by your rules, or not at all. I love the irony in that statement, but fear it is lost on you.

People like you have been crying for 12(?) years now and CCP didn’t give a ■■■■ about it. Nothing about cloaking is going to change without changes to local as well.

Having trash like you removed from the game is better for the health of the game, as well as the health of the community. One entitled whiner less.

Cloaky camping is the only effective tool to impose any risk at all on 24/7 pve farming in nullsec and it only works against trash alliances and renters. People that are bad for the game and also should not be anywhere near nullsec. Call it a mild form of natural selection, at least in EVE it somewhat still works. If you’d have had to cope with it in the real world, you wouldn’t have made it.


Exposed as carebear, who has never achieved anything beyond hoarding meaningless, virtual richness.

Your corporation would not help even if he was not cloaked, and not afk. You would bat phone whoever it is you are renting from, because you are weak, irrelevant, crying carebears and possibly RMTers.

You deserve pity, not space in nullsec.