A Open topic about cloak

This is not a thread about I hate cloak and want to nerf them or buff them.

This thread is just to talk about them and that sololy it, I wish to gather “data” why players hate or love or neutral about them.

If anyone talks about nurfing them or buffing them then I will flag and ask a ISD to remove the post as this thread is “SOLOLY” about only talking about them and how they interact with fellow players and the game it self.

And no trolling allow.

So you want another thread to be made just to talk about cloaks and how people either love or hate them?

And to kick off this thread I will ask this then why cant alpha players use cloak? is it because of game balance reasons or to lure players into buying plex/game time so they can use it?

Because CCP decided some skills need subscription to use.

Yes and no, They can say if they hate cloak here but as long they follow the rules i set down then I won’t remove them, but I want to get a topic just going just to talk about them and see what come of it.

But Why tho?

And I will quote myself “is it because of game balance reasons or to lure players into buying plex/game time so they can use it?”


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If everything is open to you from the start and nobody pays for it how do the servers continue to run?



I’m not saying that not one bit, You just pulling that out of thin air.

I just asking something that entirely different question, If you keep trying to derail the thread I will ask the ISD to remove all your post.

I just used to using " GM " So forgive me if I don’t use ISD from countless other games that I do play beside Eve online. :3

Well first off we don’t have GM intervention on the forums. That would be ISD.

Such as @ISD_Buldath

Who is going to lock this thread post-haste. :slight_smile:

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Oh my, I have to be quick then

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I knew one named Barry once. Made me feel all safe in space.

another question came to mind, Why cant we fire a single volley of weapons fire before we declock?

is it because of game balance reasons or something less?

the reason I ask this is because other games I played allow you to do this, but why not here?

Target lock required to fire on objects, cloaked ships can’t target things…

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and why is that so?

Do go on, detail why and explain why.

Is because allowing cloak ship get a target lock break the game in aspects of the game that we did not think of? or is because CCP did not want use to do it, Or because of balancing reasons?

"why, how and what if" that the goal of this thread.


OP, there is absolutely nothing you can bring up in this thread about cloaks that hasn’t been discussed to death a thousand times already…

There’s your answer. In your own words, even.

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