Warp/Cloak trick removed?

The uncatchable Align Time is 1.6sec and below (aka 0.6s). Not all Interceptors have this value of Align Time. BTW at a Gate in 0.0, someone in a Navitas tackled my Stiletto with 1.83 s Align Time (0.83s). Before that moment, I believed in this insta warp mantra also. I’m not sure how the commands from the thousands of players are arranged into queue at server side.

Also, I’m not sure, but when your ship is aligned towards Warp destination, it Warps faster from zero speed, than it does it while aligned in opposite direction. And the funny statistic is, in 80% of cases, when it jumps to a new system, the ship is oriented in an opposite direction from other star system objects.

Anyway, there is always something new to learn in EVE…

– I’ll not repeat meme.

It’s just Internet routing. Connect into your LAN 255 hosts and share gigabytes of files between them and check its availability. LAN works simpler with a Ethernet protocol.

when you jump through a gate , your ship is at true zero speed . it doesn’t matter which direction the ship appears to be pointing , that’s only graphics and has nothing to do with align and warp time . this is why a fast-aligning ship may appear to enter warp sideways … :slight_smile:

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True. Ships are mathematical dots with applied vectors from server side view point. I’m not talking about its visual animation - I’m talking about when it has zero speed, initialize Warp, and Warping status on the ship’s Warp-o-meter. I just noticed this time difference on some ships randomly and I’m not sure if it’s a constant effect or some kind of glitches.

1.6 s is exactly the same as 2s for the server. So no, the uncatchable is <1s.

And still your idea that “internet is overloaded” is wrong.

Your ISP’s router is overloaded, or the intermediate routers are.

I contracted him a lump of coal … he refused to accept the offer. Disgraceful behaviour!

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Not possible. Uless you decloak first in another direction, then align and then cloak again, which is rather stupid.


No, it doesn’t. Align time is always the same.


I wish that people who don’t know how stuff works, would stop telling others how they think how stuff works. Nonsense like that is how you end up with 752 genders, it’s the disease of the stupid.


Heh. I wish some guys to make out the assumtions and approvals in a sentence.

Some of you guys try to not act like forum velcro hooks. Try to understand, in common, what somebody just posted or tries to say. Because somebody can be focused on other things online and can’t notice word by word, their order and punctuation for the entire context in details.

About Cloak/MWD Trick

Again. As @Beast_of_Revelations posted, he had a problem because could not warp due to wrong actions and he got a message “can’t cloak while warping”. I understood that as a general Cloak/Warp trick and not just Gate Cloak/Warp trick, just because I used it and I’m using it in other situations, about which I’ll notice below. The Cloak/Warp trick is a much more generic game mechanic than Gate Cloak/Warp trick. If to be more accurate, it can be used:

  • in space at Safe Spots while Probed by Combat Scanners;
  • in Ore Belts or Combat Sites, if somebody just lands in suddenly at a distance (your ship just shouldn’t be locked by rats in this situation);
  • while hacking Data/Relic sites or scooping resources from POCOS (but your ship must be at range above 2500m if I’m not wrong). It’s harder to use Cloak/MWD there. BTW, these are very popular locations where you can get tackled by different Covert frigates and T3 Cruisers. Some guys tried to lock my Epithal with a Loki at POCO unsuccessfully few times.
  • it can be used while undocking from a Station, if your default ship speed is high (aka most Frigate class ships) which will allow to Cloak at a range before the Timer will expire. You’ll remove that Location Change Timer/Station Undock Invulnerability Timer by activating any module or by changing direction or by locking somebody. If your ship is at range above 2500m from the Station or other objects, you can Cloak your ship and MWD in other direction.
  • it can be used at Gates as already was explained a lot. To remove the Jump Cloak Timer you have to align or warp your ship. To use the Cloak/MWD trick in this case, you have to align, then Cloak, then MWD. Just don’t MWD then Cloak! Because you’ll boost your Signature and will make a tackler to lock your ship even faster.

All previous scenarios are true for the standard Cloaking devices and for the standard ships. With Covert Cloaking devices you must do the same things in the same order and conditions, but you can warp while Cloaked if not in a Bubble of course. To escape from a Bubble Gate camp, both ships with a standard Cloaking device and ships with a Covert Cloaking device must Align, Cloak and MWD/AB in a random direction to avoid any attempts to decloak your ship by foes.

About Travelceptors vs Instalockers

I can’t say nothing about navigational particularities of Capital, Freighter and Black-Ops ships yet, but I can say a lot about navigational particularities of other ships. The generic concepts and formulas are good and works well in the most situations, but there are some exceptions when they works a bit differently when the net is overloaded, when the server is overloaded and when, maybe, CCP is doing some unofficial testing things on Tranquility.

Server Ticks are normalized to 1 sec. Therefore, all computations which happens between each tick are summarized and compared between each other. The results are concluded at the end of each tick and the responses are sent back to the user clients in a broadcast mode.

The Travelceptors (aka insta warping ships) are called ships with Aling Time <= 2 sec. They have a warp time (Align Time in UI) calculated by the formula:

Align Time = (ln(2)*Inertia Modifier * Mass)/500000 sec;

The Instalockers are widespread and are able to lock and point targets with an align-time under 3 seconds. Which is just about every ship except Travelceptors and capsules. But with overloaded Sensor Boosters, Remote Sensor Boosters, Command Burst effect an Insta-locker can be easily turned into Ultra-locker, which can lock in under 2 sec. Locking time can be calculated by the formula:

Targeting Time = 40000/(Scan Resolution*arcsinh(Signature Radius)^2) sec;

On EUNI site is enough generic information about this thing. But, in my opinion, the best guide about Travelceptors vs Instalockers is posted on:


There is a plethora of data about how Travelceptors can avoid Insta-lockers, about how the Ultra-lockers can tackle Travelceptors and about how Travelceptors can avoid Ultra-locker’s gate camps. As that guide is concluding, to avoid a perfect Ultra-locking gang you need a Travelceptor with a T2 or better cloaking device and Faction Inertia Stabilizers. The idea is to use the Cloak/MWD trick on a Travelceptor. This method is vulnerable when Travelceptor’s client has much higher ping (net issues) than Ultra-locker client. And this is the case when the lower Align Time comes handy. We can’t reduce our ship mass with in game devices (except HICs), but we can reduce our ship Inertia by increasing its speed or/and Signature Radius. Lower Align Time or lower Inertia also means that our ship will get to 0.75*Vmax speed faster, based on the below formula, or will burn back to the Gate faster, before will get tackled by the entire gang fleet.


I - Ship’s inertia modifier, in s/kg

M - Ship’s mass in kg

This is what I tried to type very short in my first post: There are different modes for Cloak/MWD trick; You can get tackled even in a insta-warping ship (aka Travelceptor) based on my experience even.

Below is another handy diagram explaining the Travelceptor win condition and Instalocker win condition. On both, on the previous site as on the diagram below, the authors took into consideration only ping, player reaction, targeting and aligning and server ticks only. Their model is based on a concept that the server just performs all computation actions instantly. But what will happen if the server has its own latency on Queueing client requests, processing their data on different threads, arranging and comparing them. What will happen, if in a Travelceptor Win condition scenario, the data from both 2s-Travelceptor and Instalocker will be delayed by 100ms due to overloaded processes on a Server node? What will happen if a 2s-Travelceptor will not reach 75% max speed before Tick2? As we can see, the Instalocker can lock the target before the Tick2 even with internal server delays.

What is a Server? Server has a Collecting Inputs module (where he has to distribute each client request from a queue between physical servers and virtual servers on each physical server). A virtual server is supposed to be a “node” in EVE.


The work of each “node” can be displayed like this:

Where TCP Server works in his main 1sec Tick thread while Worker1/2/3 are different sub-threads (which works on max speed, and will return data after some cycling delays) which computing things like Align Time, Locking, Attack, Dock commands.

P.S. Therefore, I prefer my first post just because this one is too overloaded.


  • If you’re in a safespot and cloaked it makes zero sense to try and do cloak/mwd. You’d have to uncloak, hit mwd and cloak again to then, way later, warp. That’s dumb as hell. First of all there’s a recloaking timer so you can’t cloak up right away after decloaking and in total it would take WAY longer than just (if it even worked due to recloak timer) than just uncloaking and warping.

  • in combat sites npc will have targeted you, using this as a validation of what you’re saying is silly.

  • you don’t need to use cloak/mwd in hacking sites because the vast majority of ships that will attack you have a 5 or 6 second targeting timer after decloaking, add to that their actual targeting time and you can get out just fine. The chance that you can pull that off and make it safer is, again, pretty much theoretical especially due to being uncloaked from cans, other stuff or the attacker bumping you.

  • you don’t NEED to use it from a station as you have 30 second invulnerability timer after undocking and if you have a warpable target or bookmark in line with the undock it’s a zillion times safer to just warp there than to try and somehow do cloak/mwd. If you DON’T have a valid undocking BM it’s not going to work, realistically. And that is ignoring the fact that you’re 0km from the station, gl cloaking.

  • Yes, that is what we have been saying this whole time, while YOU keep stating nonsense.

The rest is just copy/paste stuff that has nothing to do with the OP’s question or what this thread is about, it’s pretty much just you trying to score brownie points.


I think you mean recalibration timer.

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If you are at Safe Spot with Mobile Depot out and you just noticed the Combat Probes for too late. You can scoop the depot, Cloak and MWD away in hope that, for example, a Proteus will not show in a 2500m radius just in time. There are other interesting weird things I heard about this mechanic referred to Capital ships, but IDK exactly.

In Ore Belts there aren’t rats always. In Combat Sites there are many situations when you can use this trick to escape. For Example, Besieged Covert Research Facility - while at range above 50km, between waves, while scooping the can in case if somebody bookmarked the site.

While Hacking you can be late on reaction. Bombers can insta-lock just after decloak (in case if your reaction is perfect). Epithal Align time is 6 sec and above.

This is a very situational scenario. It mainly depends by client’s PC performance. Before you’ll see your UI, your ship can be far from Docking range. There are some drop-out stations, which will undock out from docking range. You haven’t a bookmark. After undock, your ship mainly never is aligned perfectly to the bookmark - it has like a 30 degree cone angle. An Insta-or Ultra locker can tackle your ship just because the tackler already see your ship on Overview and he just spams the Lock command with Arty-guns on. They don’t need a tackling module even - just to 1-shot your ship.

@Theron_Larkis, you know what? FU and Happy New Year!

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