Cloak Mwd Trick different on sisi

Is this a bug that you now have to align…wait 1 sec…mwd…wait 1 sec…cloak… to start the trick? Instead of align …wait 1 sec…mwd cloak at same time. Increasing your exposure from 1 sec to 2 sec.


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must have been a bug it still works fine for me

Could it have been simple lag?

It seems to have been changed but it is still different than tq now. You cant activate a module after cloak. Youll see on tq you can activate the mwd a couple sec after the cloak.


No you can’t.

You can only activate on the same tic even on tq. Cloaks disable the use of any other module. If you are able to do this it’s because you have a bug on yq

Youv’e been able to activate a module for a couple seconds after hitting cloak on tq for a long time.

then you have been lagging and there very well could have been something patched to fix whatever was causing your latency. odds are you are cloaking several seconds after you think you are as far as the server is concerned.

Could be and not just me…same experience across a wide demographic as far as pings to server.


well no if it was a latancy issue then it would not just be you but since there are people like me who do not experience it and its not how the mechanic is intended you can assume you have simply been getting away with a positive bug

On TQ you can press Cloak, then MWD. This is in fact how new players are told to do it

Immediately after you hit cloak hit your MWD (this does work, you can activate non-offensive modules for 5 seconds after you activate a cloaking device).

Eve University Cloak Trick

Try it. Hit cloak, then casually click MWD. It does it no problem.

Now go try repeat the same thing on SiSi, or even try rapidly pressing MWD after cloak.

He’s not wrong, though. This ability to turn on the MWD just after the cloak was never specified anywhere even though it has been possible until now. Perhaps they never really intended it to work like that and have “fixed” it now?

Everyone has been able to do it for years. I live spitting distance from the servers and my ping is tiny, i get a good couple of seconds to hit MWD after i cloak.

Oh, yes,its not a problem that they changed it, but how many haulers do you think will get a surprise on patch day :wink:

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you realize far more than distance effects latency right? and everyone has most certainly not been able to do this unless you guys are grossly overestimating how long a second lasts

We obviously can’t speak for everyone, but this is a very widely know, and used, trick.

I don’t get much latency either, and can generally count on responses measured in milliseconds (I’m a developer, so I’m quite sensitive to this stuff.) I’ve never had issues using this trick.

It’s actually well over 2 seconds. CCP say it’s 5 seconds.

Yes everyone has been able to do it. For years.

Confirm, the old MWD/cloak trick does not work anymore on SiSi!

Not sure if this actually means, it was removed, because when I click MWD and the cloak directly after each other (F1, F2) it still does what it should do … but I’m not sure if I lost 1 tick doing so. If there are 2 ticks until you are cloaked, the trick is effectively removed and you can’t escape camps anymore.

It seems like some people are talking about cloaking and then activating a MWD, but you are talking about activating the MWD and then cloaking, right?

If you can’t activate both on the same tick while aligning, then that would be the death of this trick. Activating the MWD after cloaking up doesn’t seem like it should work (and doesn’t for me on TQ).

Today the common practice for the trick is: align > cloak > mwd … which makes sure you are not exposed. You have about 2s to activate the mwd after the cloak, so plenty of room for error.

Now (SiSi) the only sequence working is: align > mwd > cloak … you now have to activate both in the same tick (which is partly luck based) to not be a sig bloomed target for the camp.

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It was never required to be in the same tick. You have until now at least, been able to cloak, wait a good second or two, then activate MWD for 1 cycle. That is the order in which the “trick” is done. If you have been trying to get it in same tick, or worse activating MWD before cloak, you have been doing it wrong.