Jump Tunnel animation

Please give us an option to shut off the jump tunnel animation. It looks like something out of a classic arcade game and does nothing for the environment.


Also the bright transition flash at the beginning of the animation is so bright it is painful, and imo the cause of the headaches myself and others are getting, the engine spool up flash is also too bright. Currently I have to have my probe screen maximized to cover the animation, in order to prevent the headache it causes.


Yes please,
I would like the “nothing was wrong with the old animation” to return too please.

Thank you.

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For the record, I always ask for a toggle when they make changes so that players can use the old system.

I have yet to get one.


You need to demand. Not ask.
I can recommend buying Alex Jones Infowars Super Male Vitality to become Alpha AF. Walk into the office of Hilmar and say I DEMAND.

Does that work? If I demand something, does that mean I’m more likely to get it?

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Yes always.

That’s it. I’m gonna DEMAND the red dot toggle today.


Well lets see if your are flying a hauler your long phallic ship is going through a tunnel and then jets off at the end. Just maybe a bit Fraudian do you think.

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