Animation on Miasmos Spirit Skin gone

Don’t know if this is the right place, but I’ll give it a try. I have a Spirit Skin on my Miasmos ore hauler, and it used to have a Cylon-esque animation on the front, a light moving back and forth. I thought this the coolest skin ever. Now, the animation is gone. Was this taken out of the game, or am I missing something?

yah, i too noticed this and became very angry at the game designers. My atron and other ships used to have that cool Cylon style look with the Spirit skins, in fact that was the only reason i bought them was because of that. The game developers and designers are making the game less fun for me, i loved the captains quarters, and the idea of a space bar in stations was attractive back in the day. They have abandoned or seem to have abandoned all those great ideas. I know why they took out shaders and the captains quarters. But at the end of the day the money that dedicated players are putting in is being extortioned, held ransom, players are being abused and harassed left and right by CODE enforcers created from an in game anti-christ. and CCP is unable or unwilling to regain control of their own game. And this Players control the outcome of the game policy has forced out alot of new players over the years. There will come a tipping point financially where the company will have to make a tough decision and that decision will make the game thrive or die. Sorry if i went on a rant, it’s all connected believe me.

So I see I’m not alone. Hey, CCP, what is the deal here? Many ships have animation effects, why change the Spirit Skin? I cannot believe that tiny bit of cool bling is causing such a load on servers it was eliminated. Fer Chrissake, don’t take this bone away from us players, we just wanna have fun!

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