Interdiction bubble question

I have 2 points, A and B, 1100km apart. I go to B, align to A, and 100km from B i place a bubble. Then i go to B and warp to A. I can see the ship going through the bubble but it does not stop. Same if i warp from A back to B. What do i miss here ?

Which type of bubble, have you tried it from off-grid because i know bubbles can get a little “special” with objects already on-grid, also what ship is going through i assume you made sure its not interdiction nullified

heavy interdictor bubble, also anchorable ones. did not try interdictor probes.

ship is anathema.

i tried from offgrid as well however the grid is very large now and it is difficult to say if the ship goes exactly through the bubble and not +1m away from it.

First behavior is normal. Bubbles only stop you if you are in it (classical warp disurption), or if your target is inside or inline with the target and closer than 500km to it (drag bubble).

Second behavior is weird, because that’s a drag bubble scenario. Maybe it was not perfectly in line. Maybe it was a small bubble and you moved a bit to the side.

It was a large T1 bubble; also tried with a hic-generated 20km one. I just tried again with a large t2, same result.

If the ship started warping before the bubble was up then he’s going to go through it.

not the case

What ship?


Anyone else really miss anchoring drag bubbles > 500km from the gate? Midway between gates was my favorite tactic for pipe systems, caught so many fleeing, recently-BoB haulers fleeing null this way. Was nice to put your trap out of d-scan range from either endpoint.

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