Interdictor Bubbles

How do I deal with interdictors that come at me when I’m hacking?

I have a ship with align time less than 2s and I can escape most ships when they appear on my overview. However, I’ve been dying a lot lately to ships that appear on my overview and instantly create bubbles. I believe they don’t even have to put a lock on my to launch those bubbles? What’s the best strategy against these?


First, you must be in nullsec because that’s only where bubbles can be used. Nothing wrong with that but maybe try lowsec instead?

Second, if you’re seeing ships come at you on overview it’s already probably too late. You need to frequently check dscan. You’ll either see the ship itself, combat or core probes.

Third, depending on your ship and skills, try fitting it with a Nullifier. That will give you a few seconds to warp away after a bubble forms.


I’m guessing they are in wormhole.


That could be too.

NTL, need to keep checking dscan.
Especially if Local isn’t working.

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Thanks guys for taking the time.

Is it safe to say that I’m looking at 2 scenarios?

(1) if the enemy is cloaked, I can’t see him on Dscan or my overview but I got 4 seconds to warp away before he can lock on to me when he shows himself.

(2) If he isnt cloaked, then I’ll catch him on d-scan anyway if i spam it and so i got time to get away too?

Are these the 2 variable I’m looking at when dealing with interdictors while hacking?

yes. wormholes.

Intradictors can’t warp cloaked, so they would have to be sitting in the site cloaked before you arrive. This is less common because they could be waiting a long time before a victim arrives.

So, cloaked intradictor isn’t likely. Focus on using your d-scan every few seconds at maximum range. If any ship shows up - or combat probes, warp out immediately.

Got it. Thanks for helping me out. Love the game.

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Thanks for the advice! Could you elaborate more on such ships and skills, please?

You have to check the ship type. Only certain types (like Covert Ops) can be fitted with a nullifier.

Look up the nullifier fit to see what specific skills are needed to operate them. There are 3-4 different kinds of fits.

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Thank you for your reply! Just a quick n00b comment - Covert Ops not only could be fitted with a nullifier but also could be blown up by a few missiles :frowning:

You can tank the ship but like anything else, what are you going to use it for?

I don’t think there are many combat class ships that can fit a nullifier.

Interceptors used to have nullification built in but CCP removed it earlier this year. :frowning:

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You shouldn’t be waiting for ships to appear on your over view. You need to use dscan. No ships with bubbles can use cov-ops cloaks or have d-scan immunity. The majority of ships who can cloak won’t be able to insta lock you.

Use all the tools you have and your odds of surviving will increase.

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