Warp bubble mechanics

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Hello all,

I have a question for nullsec veterans:

When i travel through nullsec where i don’t have gate bookmarks i’ll just bounce of something… when reaching that something i also d-scan the gate (if withing 14.2 AU ofc) . Let’s say i only see a ship hanging around the gate but no warp bubble so i decide to jump.

Now: IF the ship camping at the gate sees me coming on his d-scan and quickly throws a bubble while i’m still in warp, that will stop/drag me ?


(ISD Aurvandil) #2

The effect of drag or stop bubbles is calculated when the player gives the warp command, not when the ship enters warp or arrives on grid. This means that a bubble placed while a ship is in warp will not affect it. Conversely, if a bubble expires or is taken down while the ship is in warp it will land as if the bubble was still there.


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Awesome, thank you.

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No you wont. The bubble has to be up before you enter warp. It also has to be in line and on grid.

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