Warp Bubble Range on "New" Huge Grids

CCP keeps changing the game, which puts my knowledge out of date. Sometimes I feel like Rip Van Winkle. So, about five years ago CCP increased the grid size, which is great:

It used to be that if you landed on-grid with a warp disruption bubble, in-line with it, then you would be pulled to its surface. How do bubbles work now? Can they pull somebody 15,000 km to their surface if the person set up an in-line gate ping?

I have also heard stories about warp bubbles pulling people that weren’t really in-line with the bubble - but I am not sure whether those stories are true. Most of the helpful write-ups on bubble dynamics were written prior to the grid changes.

If I recall correctly, the new “grab distance” is 500km.



For a while when they expanded the grid sizes the bubbles could pull/stop from really far ranges but then people would camp gates using anti subcap citadels with bubbles pulling to them. You could warp a whole subcap fleet to a gate, be pulled to the citadel, and the citadel aoe would kill the whole fleet in seconds. Because of this, CCP lowered the bubble range to under 500 which because of the minimum distance a citadel can anchor from the gate means you can no longer pull all the way to a citadel using a gate pull/stop bubble.

I’ve never seen a bubble pull/stop someone that was not in line with it. They probably thought they weren’t but actually were. If you warp before a bubble goes down and it was inline and the right distance and on the target grid you can be pulled by it even when it’s not there anymore. So maybe someone didn’t realize a bubble was there, initiated warp, then bubble went down and they landed not seeing a bubble at that spot and thought it was a bug.


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