Ships Disappearing

Whenever I warp 150km or more away from a stargate, all the ships, wrecks and containers disappear off the overview. They do not reappear until I am 50km or closer. Also my D-Scan no longer shows the amount of KM they are away, it feels like the grid has some sort of tear in it.

Well, the grid is supposed to be dynamic, and can stretch and shrink. However, grid sizes were considerably expanded when they introduced upwell structures. So, there’s no reason why your grids should be in the 50-150km range. In fact, they should be in like the 12,000-16,000km range, or something like that. I recommend filing a bug report and support ticket. Also, I’d appreciate if you kept us updated on this matter, as I find it rather curious. Out of curiosity, have you asked friends if they can still see you on grid?

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