Grid Fu, grid sizes after changes

I’m having trouble shrinking a Fortizar grid under 10’000 km. Has anyone done this after the changes?
What would create a fixed grid wall here?
I’ve had read and re-read the pdf, and cant make it happens.


Another citadel structure that is requiring It’s own grid?

From what I have seen, grid fu was extremely distorted after the increase in grid size with no one being able to alter a grid as we use to.


I miss the days of smaller grids. You could do tons of neat stuff with it and was one of those parts of the game that was super handy to have knowledge and experience with.

Do we know why CCP decided to change it? I can’t remember as I don’t really pay much attention to dev blogs or patch notes anyway… just waiting for tomorrow’s nerfs.

they changed it to make sense.

your directional scanners can see 14au. but your telling me you only see a ship 250km away ? no i dont think so.

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The emissions released into space from our ships can cause a haze or fog to cloud the vision past a certain point.

Makes sense when you think of it this way. I wonder how often CONcORD has to fine pilots for excess emissions… I suggest CCP create new eco-friendly ships that run on Mt. Dew so that we can have a New Eden to pass on to our children.

There were also some evil edge cases that could cause problems. Like setting up a grid range so you can launch bombs on one grid, they travel through the grid edge, and kill people in the next grid over. As pointed out by Rooks and Kings, this could be done in such a way that incoming bombs do not get hit by the bomb explosions as they are off grid, leading to very scarey bombing runs.

It was just too possible to really exploit the old grid sizes. And since not everyone understood the concept, they probably flooded CCP with complaints. So once CCP had better hardware and code, they increased the size.

Plus I think they did not want grid warfare to become the norm with the larger citadels.

I guess in some cases it is better to change things then try and police exploitable mechanics. That said, Eve is a game where mechanics are tested and theorycrafted in ways where the player can leverage knowledge over another player. There are plenty of exploitable mechanics - some are off limits while others are not.

You also used to be able to avoid CONCORD if you spawned them right on a grid wall. They spawn space-north when you go GCC and if you were right on a grid wall they would spawn on the other side, allowing you free reign on the target ship. This of course is an exploit and will get you banned. Using grid walls to hide my Hyperdunking, even in Jita was a real fun way to use the mechanic.

Just because something isn’t well known doesn’t mean it’s bad. Players that go through the effort to truely roll around in the sandbox and experiment with mechanics ought to not be punished just because they have knowledge of mechanics that others don’t.

I’ve never seen grid-fu used in an actual fight though, so I can’t speak to how weird or broken it might have been there.


I have seen it in combat and it can be a huge pain. A while back in Red vs Blue, blue was living out of a station with a bad grid. It was one of those really screwy ones where something at 80km was on grid but something at 40 km was off. It caused all kinds of craziness and frustration, and that was on small 20 people fights. I could only imagine the frustration if things like this happened in a big nul fight centered around a structure or POS.

Yes we know about gridline bombing. The point I make is they can easily say, “No more gridline bombing, as it’s now an exploit” and then there’s no reason to try it again. All it would take is 1 player report.

Just because a mechanic makes an exploit possible doesn’t mean it has to be changed. Just set a rule and take a stance on it and you’re good. Things become exploits or broken down into niche metas as people theorycraft and try to make the game mechanics work for them. It’s a never ending cycle.

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Yeah I can see how that could be both confusing and frustrating. Imagine being able to master that though. Being able to manipulate and control a fight with s gridline much like people split gangs via weapons timer on a gate.

It’s pretty interesting stuff!

I’ve experienced my own frustrations with grid walls as well, as I mentioned with Hyperdunking in the past. If you bumped the freighter across the grid wall they would obviously drop off your overview until you crossed it yourself. Made for some REALLY interesting and exciting bump sessions. Now grids are what, like 80km? Crazy :frowning:


Thank you. Totally makes sense now.

When your Rokh could hit beyond 250km but could only target that far… nostalgia.

Before Command Dessies with micro jump field, Grid Walls were the only reliable means for short range fleets to engage otherwise softer tanked and low tracking sniping fleets, and only on the defending side. The defenders would them get bombed from offgrid with people quickly dancing back and forth over the grid line, die to bombs on one side, die to alpha blap on the other.

I’m glad that grids are much larger; however, I’m sad that Grid Fu has been virtually eliminated as well. Making large a large pocket inside a donut shaped grid (think of saturn in the middle as one grid, and it’s flat rings as the other grid) was always entertaining.

Yeah I can totally imagine that it would be frustrating being bombed by some invisible enemy waiting to bomb from a grid wall within 30km.

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