How do hauler industrial ships avoid bubbles on gates?

I know that shuttles can warp through gate bubbles so they are pretty safe. But how does a hauler ship like the Occator cross like 40 jumps through nullsec without getting popped? They are bound to get bubbled and they cannot cloak if they are already targeted. What is their secret to how people use them with safety?

Usually several things at the same time:

  • Interdiction Nullifiers
  • Warp Core Stabilizer
  • Perch Bookmarks (not in-line between desto gate and any celestial)
  • Alt for scouting
  • MWD + Cloak Trick

You forgot one:

  • Pay somebody else to take the risk

Just have an alt in their alliance and, in the camper’s intel channel, announce the passing DST toon to be a hotdropper. The whole constellation will likely dock up until the “danger” is over.

Other then that,

  • nullify your hauler
  • cloak + mwd
  • use bookmarks
  • bounce at asteroid belts or planets where you don’t have bookmarks
  • dual propulse your DST, good campers have scrams on top of their bubbles
  • nanofiber hulls help with both align speed and movement speed
  • overheat your propmods when burning back to a gate
  • overheat the tank, too
  • warp off immediately if you manage to make the jump out of a gate alive

More importantly though, there’s no 40 jump route in content nullsec. Most nullsecs are so empty that I’d be tempted to autopilot the 40 jumps, but if the route has to pass through a content system, and it’s 40 jumps, it’s probably faster just scanning around and finding a wormhole, then scanning for a usable outgoing WH again, potentially through intermediate j-spaces. If it’s just null <-> jita, an outgoing WH to some highsec should be within 1 or 2 intermediate j-spaces, which saves a lot of time on top of being safer.

The alt for scouting to me is honestly the most critical one. Like if I ever did sub 2 accounts the first thing, I am doing is getting a scouting alt through LS to save so much time. LS travel can be done w/o a scout but it really just ends the chances of you being caught in a gate camp. Rather lose a heron than that hauler!

If your route is one you take often it pays to make those book marks around gates that aren’t on the line between gates and stations. Also make some out of align safe spots.

I took one of my “useless” alpha toons and put it in the route I use. Make its home station in or near the route so podding won’t mean much. It can fly the route and you can get an idea of who’s home and what they’ve got planned for you.

Corvettes are good safe spot makers too since they warp slowly.

You forgot to mention, highsec wormholes, the direct kind. Like undock, warp, jump - highsec aaand back.

Blockade runners are great for routes through dangerous space.

Fast align, warping cloaked and nullified (if you use the right module) and high warp speed means it’s pretty hard to catch them.

A DST like the Occator you mention is a bit more dangerous, but I imagine you can use one of those in relative safety with the cloak+mwd trick if you have someone scout the route for you. Those too can be nullified to ignore bubbles.

Another good way to avoid bubbles on your routes while hauling in null sec is to haul in a ship that doesn’t need to take gates. Jump Freighters, or even cargo-fit Rorquals both can carry large amounts of goods from one system to another by jumping between stations and structures.

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