Some basic things I don't know how to do in Eve Online

If I want to go 40 jumps through null sec in a frigate, how do I escape bubbles on the gate or on the other side of the gate.

If I want to transport goods from Jita to 40 jumps away in null sec, how do I do it safely.

If I want to use a Titan or super carrier, how do I dock, jump.

If I want to mine, what is a rorqual good for besides bonuses it gives to other miners in the fleet and is it so OP that I can mine in a rorqual without a team. Need more on how a Rorqual is meant to be used to its fullest.


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Depends on the frigate and bubbles. If the bubbles are camped and you find yourself in one, burn back to the gate ASAP, jump and hope you can warp out at the other side.

Some frigates can travel more safely using Covert Ops cloaks, like bombers or exploration frigates. With those you can often just slowly drift through the bubble while cloaked (if you care not to get to close to any objects or ships).
Other frigates can travel more safely through bubbles by using an interdiction nullifier module. Interceptors and exploration frigates can equip those, which you can activate before you warp and then ignore any bubbles in your warp path.

For smaller batches (13k m3 or less) a Blockade Runner is perfect. It’s fast, can cloak while warping and can use the interdiction nullifier I mentioned. Get one!

For larger cargo you either fly the Blockade runner a few times, or use a much more expensive Jump Freighter (or pay another player with a Jump Freighter to do so).

Considering these questions and your previous questions, I don’t think you’ll have to worry about that as I don’t think you’re ready for a Titan or Super carrier just yet.

But to answer the question:


Titans and Supers cannot dock in NPC stations or in any player owned structure, except one: a Keepstar. So the only way to move these ships around safely and dock is to be part of an alliance that has (access to) Keepstars.

They can also be ‘relatively safe’ inside a POS, although I do think people can bubble camp you to stop you from getting out while they wait out the bashing timer if they really want to kill you. Never looked much into those mechanics myself as I have neither a super or titan, nor the firepower to kill one.


Supers and Titans can jump the same way other ships with jump drives can jump, like jump freighters, rorquals, dreads, faxes, and black ops battleships.

The range of supers and titans is more limited though, so they cannot always take the same route through space that other capitals can take.

Rorquals can give strong bonuses to mining to the entire fleet, as well as provide compression for the fleet (so the fleet can stay on grid longer without docking), store ore in the huge hold, bring spare ships in the ship maintenance bay, create an industrial bridge or use the conduit jump to bring an entire mining fleet from one system to another, and it can prevent the entire mining fleet (including the Rorqual) from being killed by being invulnerable for 5ish minutes using the P.A.N.I.C. module.

It also can mine, but not as good as it used to. I think a Rorqual-boosted Hulk mines a lot faster than the Rorqual itself.

No you cannot mine in a Rorqual without a team, this ship is designed for group play and is a content beacon that will eventually get caught. It will need help from your alliance to form a fleet to save you from being killed, each time that happens, which can, depending on the outcome, be a fun activity for everyone involved.

If you want to mine without a team there are more suitable ships than a mining support ship like the Rorqual.


U can try it by using a Nullifier in the HighSlots and/or a fitting that is built for extreme speeds. If trapped in a bubble, either burn away quickly enough or go back to the gate as quick as possible before they can lock and kill you.

Scan yourself a WH chain to Highsec.

In short: you can dock at a Keepstar and Jump to a Cyno Beacon.

But question 1 and 2 show me that you are either years away to even afford a Titan or a Supercarrier or you use RL-money to buy one. In both cases docking and jumping are the least of your problems because you will lose that Titan or Supercarrier within a few days of using it anyway.

Best advice: if you ever get your hands on these ships, only use them in joint Ops with your corp/alliance, in wich case you get told by them what do do.

There is only one location in the game where you should solo-mine in a Roqual, that would be Amamake Top Belt. In all other cases, don’t use it solo. It is a FleetSupport ship, a pretty good one, but pretty expensive for what it does.

Last but not least: Learn the basics. No matter what you fly or how expensive it is, if you don’t know how to use it, it can and will be killed quite easy by a group of people who are more experienced than you.

By the way, bigger in EVE isn’t always better.

You can buy a big ship, but without the knowledge or the support from allies to fly it, you would be better off flying something more agile to succeed.

This thread makes me think of someone who is new to the game but is thinking about to buy themselves into a Titan.

The beauty of EVE is that it is possible, and that it will create a lot of content for all the people on the killmail of that Titan. Likewise for the super, Rorqual and whatever else you want to fly if you don’t start at the basics.


Thank you knightly sir for your kind words. I endeavor to be worthy of your tutelage.

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Thanks for wanting to learn new things!
Here’s my take on your questions.

On the other side:
An MWD is pretty much mandatory. If there are fast-locking scram stuff that are close to you (frigates, Lachesis/Arazu, and most pirate cruisers) or very fast frigates on grid (like Slicers, Garmurs, Dramiels, etc.), you want to burn back to gate and pray. If not, just align out of the bubble away from the fleet and light your heated MWD. After a little bit you can slow down, align, and warp.

On the gate:
Careful planning and fast reaction times. The Directional Scanner is your best friend. If you see a bubble on a gate or the gate is more than 14.3 AU away, DO NOT warp directly to the gate. Bounce off a nearby (to the intended gate - if it’s close to you now your in-vector will be about the same) Celestial or Citadel first. If you see more than one bubble, it would be wise to be very careful, as some people bubble the in-vectors of common celestials too. An Asteroid Belt or Moon can be very handy here.

Contract or very carefully. With contracts, you either get a very nice collateral payout or your items at the destination. If you have high-value low-volume items (like blueprints), a shuttle or interceptor work great. Watch out for smartbombs. For really valuable cargoes you only want to move right near downtime.

For bigger but less-expensive loads, you can use a blockade runner. It has very nice interdiction nullification, covert ops cloak, and good capacity.

For ships and stuff, you should probably use a Carrier, Supercarrier, or Titan. These ships have huge fleet maintenance bays where ships can be stored efficiently. The Orca also has this. The Orca is pretty much limited to Downtime Tanking though.

Cargo capitals will usually be jumped or bridged around to different waypoints on safe citadels in huge groups. This is how alliance “move ops” work.

A Jump Freighter is a spooky thing to fly. You should not fly one until you know absolutely exactly what you are doing.

Dock by being within radius of a Keepstar (or Sotiyo if it’s a Super, I think…) and clicking “Dock”.
To Jump, you have to use a Stargate, Ansiblex, or the onboard Jump Drive. To use the Jump Drive, an alt or ally must light a “cynosural field”, using up some fuel. If you are in Jump range of the cyno, you can jump to it, consuming some different fuel.

The Rorqual as a miner is now pretty much a force multiplier. If you want a good mining setup you should use a Mining Barge. The Procurer is pretty popular. Then you should find a mining fleet up, it should have a Rorqual or at least an Orca (or make one using a bunch of alts), then go there and chow down!

Will a warp bubble decloak me if I am in a exploring ship?

Sorry, was editing.

It will not, unless you are within 2.5km of the actual probe itself. Cloaked ships are safe in bubbles until they are decloaked. A lot of the time, though, people will launch jettison cans on the inpoints of bubbles or launch and then abandon some drones. These WILL decloak you, and this is the entire purpose.

As far as I know, supers and titans can only dock in a keepstar. They might be docked in a NPC station after being sent to asset safety though. Supers and titans can also not use an ansiblex if I am not mistaken. They can jump by stargates (which is most of the time not the recommended way) or by using their own jump drive to jump to a cyno (permanent or temporary).

I just wanted to inject, all these are great answers for an Omega player. My alpha solution is to pull my load over at dock just prior to the next low sec run and use my free corvette to scout ahead. Also you might want to change your home station to where you docked your freight or you will have a long walk should you run into trouble. It will be more time consuming, but I seldom lose any loads using this method. I do lose a lot of my free Ibis instead. I have also run decoy to prevent a corp member with a massive load get into Jita unharmed. My recommendation there is to request your corporation to help out.

Oh. Sorry 'bout that.

This is both clever and funny.
As a longsime solo alpha clone, I recommend Faction Warfare. Absolutely fantastic mechanics, great fights, great people, and a ton of fun. Also astoundingly profitable for T1 frigates. When actively hunting or baiting for fights, I can usually pay off my combat ship in ten minutes. Five if I am on the ball trying to profit. No more than a minute if I am really lucky (like warping into a medium or large -5 site just as it’s finishing).


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