A Serious Lack of Information

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Not really, lol


No, it actually doesn’t.

Negative. It’s called stonewalling so the players lose more time and money on the game.

More than “great depths”, a nebulous chasm of contrivances and misdirection.

Yes. Of course that demands dedicated teams and good management, which CCP doesn’t seem to have.

Practicality isn’t the players’ concern. CCP has this game with items that lack proper descriptions and other items that have a one-line lore sentence about them.
I understand that it costs money and time to make things the way they should be but if CCP expects its players to invest time and money to play then it should be expected to invest time and money to fix the game and not ask its players to estimate because they ran out of room or money or time.

ok, now you’re just trolling.

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I haven’t even begun to troll.

Nah, no hate, I appreciate being invited to a conversation.

Ok, let’s take a crack at this . . .

Eve evolves a lot, in little ways sometimes then in big ways at other times. A single database would have to evolve at the same speed to keep up to date. CCP made the conscious decision to NOT have a wiki, not hand you info from the devs themselves. You can argue that they were lazy, want you to find out for yourself, or they don’t even know what is going on, but that is where we are.

What I do know is that if the Devs make something with a specific purpose or duty we players will almost always find a way to repurpose or pervert the function. It is what we do and I kind of like this game within the game of finding alternative uses, fits, paths.

Because of the above I am not sure anyone knows all the counters . . . although ‘blow up the opposition’ is usually a time honoured standard as is ‘get the hell out of range or even off grid’.

There are players who can quote you the lore and others who could make a perfect fit from memory so your bet with your buddy, OP, was more along the lines of who would speak up first and you specifcally asked that we not tell you weapon stats.

Your title of this thread is a [A Serious Lack of Information] but I would argue that the information is all there, just not in the format that you want or where you want it.



How about information in the game? Would that be a novelty or is it just simply impossible for any dev to do?

I sure can, it’s easy to see. One-liners of lore isn’t a description, It’s laziness and a lack of commitment from management all the way down to the janitor.

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Thank you, a very valid point.

Well this is the problem, a lack of information from the game itself from the ones who created it. This leaves it up to users to work stuff out and post it or YouTube tutorials. Is this really how a game should be cataloged. It is like poking about in the dark with a book of matches looking for the flashlight. After so many times of getting burned you tend to give up and just sit in the dark.

I recently saw a question on here of a player asking how they can make 40 jumps and not get caught by the ganker’s bubble. They all gave their various answers, of course Omegas are the only ones who can cloak for the Micro Warp Drive trick (aka MWD cloak trick) the real answer for an alpha is just to avoid hot spots. As an alpha should just pull over at dock, before entering low sec, and scout ahead with their corvette. So what I am saying is, the item database should have some kind of note about MWD + cloak being your best way to escape or avoid being trapped. The blurb should be on both the cloak and the larger MWDs. Even if it was only mentioned on the cloak, it should point the player to the MWDs.

When I started playing I made the mistake of buying mining drones. There was no warning issued to alphas, I found out I had to hover over the icon to see omega only items. Later when someone suggested gas mining, I asked, “Can an alpha really mine gas?”. I was more careful about it. Yet I still got the gas harvesters not the scoops… ugh. Once I sold off the wrong equipment, I got all set in my alpha gas miner and found enough wormholes to choke an adult sized budong. No gas found, that ship remains parked in dock to this day. It should be abundantly clear what alphas cannot or should not buy. And before someone says it, yes I have my skill filter set when looking in the market. The gas harvesters will still appear. Why? Because I have the skill needed to use them, but not the Omega ship they fit upon. Buyer beware.

I don’t know much about Icelandic developers… but here in the US, our corporations have a huge slave labor force known as the “Unpaid Interns”.

I am almost certain the janitor had an active role in the material. At least he is a company employee and not a user working it out on their own. Players who are being asked for money to enjoy quality entertainment, should have a turn key system to work with from the start. I guess this is just one of my old man issues, the young people seem to have no problem with these days. However back in my day, games were sold physically in stores, and had to be 99.9% error free or suffer the wrath of the retail gods!

I seriously thank everyone here for your comments, thoughts, and opinions. As I stated, I really doubt (especially after the recent UI release) CCP will do anything to improve this part of the game. It might actually be a better idea for them to leave the game alone?


You dont need to do that. Omega items are outlined in yellow/orange border. Similar how T2 items or T3 items have their icons in the corner.


I disagree with that, gameplay tactics don’t have any justification to be in the item description. There could however be a tutorial teaching the tactic. You can find the game / tactic tutorials in the agency.

CCP fixed that in the latest patch.

  • The traits on the Venture and Prospect ships have been reworded from ‘Bonuses to Gas Harvester Amount’ to ‘Gas Scoop Amount’ to hopefully lead to less players buying the wrong size module.

But yes, that was an example of a poor description caused by new items entering the game. (Gas harvesting has been around much longer than the venture hull.) And as you can see, CCP is willing to change them if there’s justification for it.

Anyway… I decided to take your complaints a bit more seriously and look up some descriptions and couldn’t find any specific problems. Mind you, I completely reject the idea the descriptions need to tell the player what all the counters are, but a single line saying what the item does is reasonable.

One of the items that someone had issues with was the eccm script though, so I looked it up.


I suppose the text in red could be moved to the top, and let the lore portion come afterwards, but it does tell the user what it’s for. Are there other examples you can think of that need their descriptions fixed? If so, what are they?

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Some of us have been saying that for 10+ years…

Many people here are missing the point. Which is The Game IS DESIGNED to not be helpful, It was never meant to give you all the information you need to use an item, Exploring and figuring all that out is part of the game. and you should be thankful to those websites and such which do explain it, ALL that information ALL OF IT, was hard won by PLAYERS who did the hard work for you.

I work most of my time in the Help Channels and over the last couple of years I have seen a trend where helpful people, not knowing any better, just hand out answers, data, complete fits and overview packs… but never explain anything, they dont help the player understand that this game does NOT hold your hand and they will have to learn how to discover all the wonders of the game instead of always asking others who have done the work already.

All that has been pointed out here as being unhelpful or needs to be better explained in Info window descriptions and so on. But they are not roadblocks to peoples understanding but just hurdles. Each of the issues go away once you understand simple things. Like rig skills will not tell you what a drawback is, because that info is in the individual rig’s description. Knowing what Eve Word’s a Phrases mean goes along ways to avoiding issues like this as well … there is a glossary.

The MWD+cloak recent comment is a good example. That is a Tactic - not a game feature - that was discovered and developed by players, and like in real life that tactic is passed down to new players by the old. That IS A UNIQUE thing about eve. If the game taught it to you at the beginning then the whole concept of learning from other players would be dead. It is an example of emergent behavior that makes it almost unique from other games, at the very least the shear quantity of emergent game play out strips any other game. A lot of the changes being proposed here would go a long way to killing off player to player interaction.

There are other reasons too, but I am not going to right a tower of text here.

That said I will agree that many descriptions in the game need to be fixed for errors and clarity. but only within certain bounds. If you added a section where it describes what would counter the module in question it would not only do the above damage it would be pointless. This is due to the simple fact that the game changes all the time and one tactic may not work anymore due to changes while a new one may, this would mean that they would have to be on top of All the thousands of text descriptions with a virtual army of editors just to keep track.

But as I said before CCP IS not in the business to tell you how to use the game - And We LIKE it that way - it is your job to discover that for yourself. and be friends with older players who can tell and teach you about them.

If you don’t like it then you know where the safe-logout button is.


I think having to use external tools to play a game means its an incomplete game.


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Some secrets about Eve are not shared and are not well documented, purposefully.

I can think of the infinite tracking WH due to integer underflow (made famous from Rooks and Kings) and another specific kind of gate gun aggro (the 2nd gen devs thought it was buggy behavior but no it was intended so their „patch“ was reverted) which remains esoteric knowledge today.

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That’s a nice message to new players :joy:
-" My people perish for lack of knowledge "

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It’s a good lesson to learn, regardless of one’s age. New or Old capsuleer. Knowledge is power in this game, but it’s only half the battle. Planning, preparation, and execution still matter.


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