Calling all space assholes: I'm trying to non-consensually pvp in hisec, what are some strategies?

On my main I haven’t stepped foot in hisec for over 10 years. Excluding suicide ganking, what are some strategies for baiting or forcing PVP onto people who don’t want it?

So far I’m experimenting with:
Loot stealing
Shooting at MTUs

Its been many years since I’ve dealt with hisec mechanics so I’m all ears for any creative tactics you fellow space assholes are using to force some non-consesual hisec pvp

Thanks friends

No such thing. You consent when you undock


Yeah I follow that philosophy. Alright, what are some strategies for forcing pvp within the confines of hisec rules of engagement?

Well you mentioned shooting mtus.

Stick to mining sweetie.

Leave non consentual PvP to the big girls.

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I don’t even know what the point of that comment is

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You can join a corp that has Friendly Fire attribute set to true and then it’s open season on them everywhere.

That’s because you are a troll carebear.

Booooooring… just shoot them.

The more expensive your ship, the better.

Aside of these you can perform criminal act against your alt then set up a public killright on yourself for whatever amount you see fit then pretend to be mining, ratting or even just hauling but in a PvP fit ship in hopes someone will activate the KR and engage you so you can shoot back.

However they can ship scan you before hand and also bring an entire fleet so definitely more risk than just the usual bait tactics.

The benefit of having the KR from your alt is that you can always turn it off when you don’t want to be able to be attacked and can set the KR price to whatever you think will work… and of course anyone who pays for the KR will actually pay the ISK into your own pocket. :blush:


@Uriel_the_Flame lol that’s pretty clever I can see some shenanigans developing out of that

If you played as far back as ten years ago you may have been fortunate enough to experience the tutelage of everyone’s favorite tear and loot extraction service provider, Suddenly Ninjas and/or their wider affiliated network of professionals.

If you were not in fact a witness to that fabulous era then I can only suggest that: if you find something is not anchored? Take it.
Otherwise fly it like you stole it.


What I’ve done in the past, is follow around a mission runner and prime them by salvaging their wrecks from under there nose. They have to be aware that you are doing this. This oftentimes gets their hackles all in a knot.

Then after priming them, go after their MTU.

Make sure you are using something inconspicuous that the mission runner would see as an easy target. (Remember, they are preconditioned to think frigates suck by the 100 million missions they have previously run) I use a Nergal.

Now they are typically shy to shoot, but if they decide to smack talk you that’s good. You can use that to goad them. It’s like kicking the back of their seat when you’re on an airplane. The more you do it, and the more you poke at their ineptness, the more likely they will eventually make the mistake into shooting at you.

Once that happens, it’s all over.


A courteous salvager piles all the piddly bits into a can for the bear to collect. :wink:

That works too…

I used to label mine “Keep Ani Clean!”

As I worked out of Nakugard (Ani Constellation)

And she wonders why she is locked up with no chance of parole

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That’s why they let me play EvE.

lo koval your a monster.

It was not by my hand that I am once again given flesh. I was called here by humans who wished to pay me tribute.

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But you’re an angel, except when you’re not. You’ve been a bad girl, now haven’t you?

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