Why does CCP hate care bears?

Ok so I’m a care bear. I’m 76 yo and unfortunately my reflexes are not what they once were. I happily run L4 missions and scan cans.

I have played eve for over 10 years, and yes I have found running L4 missions a pleasant diversion while I take my evening Scotch. However, now every time I run a L4 mission I find myself 90Km from the initial gate, this is tiresome! CCP can you explain why you think this adds to the enjoyment of Eve?

Now I find I can’t deploy my Trac in some solar systems, this is totally, totally tiresome and makes me think I should look for another game for my evenings. Again CCP could you explain this, do you think it brings in more revenue, or just convinces us care bears we should look elsewhere?



You’ll survive a few missions that you cannot salvage and loot. The reason why you cannot use a MTU or MoDe in certain systems is because CCP removed the ability to anchor them in school and starter and career agent systems because certain dimwits would spam the system with masses of advertisement spam depots. You can thank those people that this step was necessary.


Why does CCP hate care bears?

Why do sadists love tormenting people?

CCP’s reasons for doing things are a mixed bag, but tormenting people is definitely a primary motive of some of the people pulling the strings. Its so bad its usually my default assumption these days.

Don’t hesitate too much. I think for just about anyone who isn’t a complete sadist, its a very fine balance on whether EVE is worth the trouble. I hope you make the right decision for you, considering how much the stress of this game takes away from the enjoyment.


CCP doesn’t hate carebears, it’s just that they designed this huge all-out pvp game and all of those pvp-ers are paying their subs, so they love pvp-ers more than they love you. Just because you also pay them doesn’t mean they’re gonna change their entire business model!


Want me to bring a mach and bumb you towards gate ? :joy:

I’m sorry I’m confused by this. What is this referring to?

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90km from initial gate? or do you mean the gate that you need to access to reach the next room? There are several missions that you need to burn to. You should have at least a prop mod on your ship.

My crew and I that run L4’s all day everyday for other people, never have an issue that you seem to be having. can you elaborate on the finer details of what is wrong?

CCP could solve the mobile depot spam by making them as easily destructible as MTUs and getting rid of the cumbersome 2-day reinforcement. That way, all deployable structures play by the same rules. Easy. Simple. Content.

Instead they chose a convoluted solution by banning deployable structures in some systems and not others.

CCP being CCP…


banning them in starter systems… which is where new players are… and spam from the mobile depots… they had no reason to be spamming them with nonsensical corp ads…

which just adds to other rules that are in place for starter systems like no griefing, no scamming new players.

If mobile depots were easily poppable, people like myself would scour high sec just to kill them. This would solve the spam problem throughout the game.

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there were/are people that go around killing them. @Githany_Red is one of them.

But when new players overviews are nothing but mobile depots, thats a problem.

when you can spell out “moonpire” beside of jita 4-4 with mobile depots that can have their time reset just by picking up and placing back down… that was a problem.

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We are killing them , anywhere we feel it’s a monstrosity, and the text is way to long .

Some say what gives you the right to pop them as they are part of the game, well they are not advertising boards they are mobile depots use them as such.

Just part of our on going effort to fight crime in high security space.


uhhh did you accidently set your default warp distance to 90km?

and if it’s 90km every time well fit a micro jump drive, should land you right on the gate since they have a rather large radius.

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This is such an absurd accusation that I don’t know if it is worth my time arguing with it. What I can say for certain, however, is that this kind of stuff illustrates just how ridiculous the beliefs of bitter vets are, and why you shouldn’t listen to them.

So, for anyone who might be wondering, CCP does not hate miners, nullsec, wormholes, carebears, capital pilots, or any other player demographic (well, to be fair, they might hate bittervets). Truth is, 80% of the people complaining about getting screwed over aren’t actually getting screwed over -they’re just karens who respond to adversity by bitching and whining, and who can’t/won’t consider how the change benefits the game as a whole. And for the remaining 20% or so that do actually get the shaft, it isn’t because CCP wants to torment them. It’s because 1) CCP was trying to maximize profits, 2) CCP had to chose between competing interests, leaving someone with the short end of the stick, or 3) they straight up made a mistake, such as failing to understand the 2nd or 3rd order effects of a change, or how the change might impact a particular demographic.

Naturally, this does not mean that CCP doesn’t make mistakes, that they always have the player’s best interests at heart, or that they should always be let off the hook. However, the idea that they are actively tormenting players for the lulz is so god damn re-cock-ulous that it hurts my brain trying to fathom how so many people believe it.
No P2W


^^^^^^^^^ What he said

Yeah. Every last person who is now or ever worked at CCP is a complete angel and paragons of virtue. Helpful, caring and wanting only the best for the players and their fellow man, working hard day and night only for the joy of bringing smiles to people’s faces. Every…last…one.

I don’t know…maybe you like so many others think that when I say “some” I actually mean most or all and I definitely don’t mean “some”.

I have had both the best and worst customer service with CCP, and I mean on a private level, just my issue and them. That’s my experience. And several things out there in general make me think the same.

CCP is like Hogwarts. There are Gryffindor’s, Hufflepuffs, Ravenclaws and yeah…butthole Slytherins too.

there , fixed for you


FYI you can just report it. Any doubts that saying CCP is composed by a bunch of sadists is against the rules?

That’s not what I said. Not only are you a liar but you are also a narc.


Some of us use mobile depots as intended, in which case the way they work with a reinforcement timer etc is invaluable.