If I took All The Carebears

Likewise, and if you’re afk I’ll make sure you get very little by mining each and every rock, that you’re targeting, out from under you

Being a bear amongst carebears does have its advantages, a backwards kind of herd immunity. We’re all but immune to what ails the herd, because we use our heads.

Herd stupidity just about covers it.


Talk about a troll thread!

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Thread is based around a false assumption that PVE = carebear


The assumption may be false, but it is the mantra from the “elites” posting in this forum. So I’m going to go with it.

All of the “elites” are well aware that if the bears left the game, then there would be less resources, because there would be less miners. Those who are going to mine are people like @Daichi_Yamato, @Black_Pedro or myself. We take no ■■■■ from people … unlike the bears, whose only defense is to whine like spoiled brats.

Your scenario is a much more preferable situation for everyone involved, including the carebears.

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PVE = carebear

Fight me.

I consider “doing PVE” and “doing carebear stuff” to be equivalent terms.

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Singleplayer model of EVE with a multiplayer option for friends.

Why should i leave EVE and go play in a boring safe space?


I guess it depends on if you want to make the carebear choice or not.

I keep thinking of different ways to end this sentence…
Like “If I took all the carebears and ground them into patties…”
or “If I took all the carebears and tied their big toes together…”


I didn’t read earlier bits, is he taking contracts? Can he really get rid of them?



–Rock Queen Gadget

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